Taste of Arlington 2013: Mane Event & Taste of Arlington Heights, August 9-10, 2013 Downtown

The Mane Event on Friday followed by the Taste of Arlington Heights on Saturday is scheduled for August 9, 2013 and August 10, 2013 respectively. The bookend events both occur on Vail Avenue and Campbell Street in downtown Arlington Heights [MAP/SAT], and they combine to make one of the biggest weekend celebrations of the summer.

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The block-party styled weekend showcases live music from favorite local bands, wonderful food from local restaurants, kids’ entertainment, a Business Expo and performances by the Top 10 Finalists of Suburban Chicago’s Got Talent on Saturday afternoon.

Mane Event (as in Horse Mane reference to the Arlington International Racecourse) and the Taste of Arlington weekend kick’s off Million Week is a celebration of the upcoming Arlington Million -- the premier race event held at Arlington International Racecourse on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Activities will be held at Arlington International (formerly Arlington Park) Racetrack  during the week leading up to the Arlington Million.

Funny Tweet About Dondi's Pizza and More Dondi's-Related Tweets

While investigating on Twitter, we found this funny tweet from Jimmy Higsch ... "Remembering when my old AIM screen name was 'DoNdIsRuLz'" #embarrassed

No better smell in town beats the smell of pizza and pizza dough from Dondi's -- not even the free smells from Jimmy Johns.

Dondi's is a long-time favorite, and it shows as these tweets go way back ...

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