5 of the Most Popular Food Trends in 2019

Each year brings a new wave of trends that revolutionize the food industry as we know it. Fortunately, 2019 is no different. From inventive takes on traditional treats to eco-friendly efforts, these are some of the most popular food trends in 2019.

“Ugly” produce

Every year, thousands of pounds of perfectly edible produce are tossed in the trash simply because the food’s physical appearance is imperfect. But that’s about to change in 2019, thanks to start-ups such as Imperfect Produce and Hungry Harvest. These companies send boxes of misshapen produce to your door for a discounted cost. You can expect to see an influx of organizations following in their footsteps as this “ugly” produce trend gains traction this year.

Dairy-free ice cream

A new wave of frozen treats made with avocado, coconut water, tahini, and even hummus are hitting the shelves this year. By replacing dairy, these nutrient-rich bases provide a tasty alternative for those who are lactose-intolerant, vegan, or simply health-conscious.

Sea snacks

Roasted seaweed has been a popular snack for quite some time, and now other ocean-inspired snacks are joining the mix. Seaworthy snacks you can expect to see on shelves include kelp jerky, puffed water lily seeds, and salmon skins. These bites provide healthier alternatives to fatty, meat-centric morsels.

Eco-friendly packaging 

Following last year’s anti-straw revolution, an increasing number of companies is trying to reduce their carbon footprints in 2019—starting with their packaging. Brands are coming up with new ways to make their food packaging eco-friendlier by using biodegradable or soy-based materials instead of plastics. Some restaurants are even trying to cut out packaging altogether by encouraging customers to bring their own food containers, cutlery, and bags.

Alternative meat munchies

In response to the growing veganism trend, alternative meat products—from veggie jerky to mushroom “bacon” chips—are piling up on grocery store shelves. These snacks don’t just taste like meat—they also include similar quantities of protein and amino acids that you would find in beef jerky or pork rind snacks.

Next time you’re perusing the shelves of your local supermarket, keep an eye out for these exciting and most popular food trends in 2019.

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