6 Famous Restaurants in the Chicagoland Area

The Chicagoland area is an excellent source for an unforgettable meal. A multitude of restaurants in and around Chicago will cater to your personal tastes—whatever they may be. Whether you’re a resident of the area or just passing through, there are a few places you should know about. We’ve created a list of 5 famous restaurants in the Chicagoland area.

1. Pequod’s Pizza

Established in 1971, Pequod’s Pizza is a staple in the Chicagoland area. With its famous caramelized crust and generous assortment of toppings, the deep-dish pizza there is a can’t-miss. The Food Network named Pequod’s pizza one of the top five in America, and the accolades don’t end there. If you don’t believe us, give Pequod’s a visit and see for yourself.

2. Gene & Jude’s

Hot dogs are one of Chicago’s greatest icons, and many people argue that Gene & Jude’s serves the best. The recipe for a Chicago-style hot dog is very precise, and this eatery follows this precision to a T. The standing-room-only joint has been a landmark since 1945. For visitors seeking the true Chicagoland experience, this is the place to go.

3. Alinea

Alinea is not a restaurant… or so the owners claim. It is, of course, but its primary focus is showcasing the unconventional. The owners of Alinea want their food to evoke all the senses. For them, fine dining should be an emotional, artistic experience. Their approach has proven successful, as Alinea is one of only 13 U.S. restaurants to hold three Michelin stars.

4. Au Cheval

Americans eat close to 50 billion burgers per year. This is quite a staggering number, so it’s hard to imagine selecting just one as the best of them all. However, one visit to Au Cheval’s press page reveals multiple instances of that exact claim. Au Cheval creates a burger so good that people will wait in line for hours to get their hands on one. And if the reviews are any indication, the famous burgers are well worth the wait.

5. Parachute


A comfortable, family-owned business, Parachute is still a rising star in the food world. Though it has only been open since 2014, it has already captured the attention of Chicagoland residents. The owners, husband-wife duo Johnny Clark and Beverly Kim, call their unique genre of food “Korean-American.” Their 40-seat restaurant is often full to the brim with guests eager to experience this new addition to Chicago’s best restaurants.

6. Kuma’s Corner

If you love burgers and heavy metal, Kuma’s Corner has both. It offers a creative selection of burgers so large that you’ll definitely need a doggy bag. Kuma’s Corner strongly believes in supporting local talent, so you can get the full Chicagoland experience by ordering a regional craft beer and enjoying local metal bands.

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