The 5 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

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It’s no secret that Chicago is full of delicious food. Thanks to these vegan restaurants, the plant-based crowd doesn’t have to miss out. The next time you find yourself in the city, make sure to check out these amazing places—they’re the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Chicago.

The Chicago Diner 
the chicago diner
The Chicago diner prides itself on being “Meat-Free Since ’83.” This casual restaurant has two Chicago locations in Lakeview and Logan Square. Guests enjoy its traditional diner aesthetic, long menu of vegan comfort food options, and—of course—its award-winning vegan milkshakes.

Kitchen 17 
veggie pizza

You won’t find any rabbit food here. Located in Lakeview, Kitchen 17 serves vegan bar food like pizza, nachos, and burgers. Plus, every Wednesday, it offers vegans the rare opportunity to enjoy Chicago-style deep-dish pizza (which is traditionally filled with animal products like meat and cheese). The restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, but guests are free to bring their own.

 No Bones Beach Club
no bones beach club

The No Bones Beach Club is 100% vegan. What sets this Wicker Park restaurant apart from others in the area is its tropical party vibes that instantly transport you from the city to the beach. Dishes include nachos with cashew and poblano queso, buffalo cauliflower wings, and golden beet poke. It also offers soy- and gluten-free options to suit any diet.

 Vegan Plate
vegan plate
 The Vegan Plate offers authentic Thai cuisine at its two locations on West Fullerton Ave and West Montrose Ave. From delicious Pad Thai to red, green, and yellow curry, their menu is full of healthy vegan options. They also offer mouth-watering deserts, such as tofu cheese cake and mochi coconut ice cream, to satisfy your sweet tooth.

 Chicago Raw Food 
chicago raw food
Chicago Raw Food must be one of the healthiest restaurants in the city. In addition to being vegan, all of their options are completely raw, which allows you to get the optimal amount of nutrients. Their menu includes sweet potato pancakes, fresh spinach lasagna, and empanadas—but they are most known for their Instagram-worthy smoothies and açaí bowls.

Whether you’re plant-based or not, everyone can find something to enjoy at each of these vegan-friendly restaurants in Chicago.
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