Calling all Foodies: 7 Countries with the Best Food Around

Calling all Foodies 7 Countries with the Best Food Around

One of the greatest pleasures while traveling is trying a smorgasbord of foods. From the heavenly spices of Indian cuisine to the timeless dishes Italy has to offer, an essential part of experiencing any culture is tasting the food. For all the traveling foodies, here are the countries with the best food.


Colorful, varied, and flavorful, Mexican cuisine always makes for a delicious meal. Rich and spicy, fans of avocado, tomato, beans, and rice will be in heaven. Mole, an ancient sauce, is delicious on nearly everything, and there’s nothing tastier than well-made tamales. You’ll want to have a margarita on the side to wash it all down before you go back for seconds.


Any list of the countries with the best food would be remiss without Italy. With its incredibly fresh ingredients, comforting dishes, and simple recipes, just about everybody loves what the Bel Paese has to offer. When you’re there, a slice of authentic pizza, a plate of spaghetti, and a piping hot cup of coffee are all musts.


Food and romance go together like wine and cheese, making this romantic country a perfect destination for food lovers. Its bread, cheese, and wine are renowned around the world, so no matter what you pick up in a cafĂ©, it’ll be fresh and delicious. Standout dishes include bouillabaisse, ratatouille, and coquilles Saint-Jacques. On the sweet side, indulge in some macaroons—there’s nothing quite like them.


Greece has put olive oil—the gift of the gods—to good use in over the years. Spread upon almost every Greek dish, it adds depth and deliciousness to each bite. Spanakopita is another delicacy here, filled with spinach, feta cheese, and part of a wonderfully flaky pastry. It’s hard not to be happy in this land filled with beautiful views and top-notch dishes.


Foodies around the world have Japan to thank for bringing sushi to life. Beyond those delicate and intricate creations, Japan is home to miso soup, tempura, and udon. Versatile and stunning to behold, Japan is the perfect destination for those who want to try something new.


Although a haven for vegetarians, there are incredible dishes for meat-lovers in India as well. Known for its abundance of spices, Indian food is flavorful in the extreme. You can’t go wrong with curry, but for something outside the box, try dosa. It’s a pancake stuffed with cheese, vegetables, and any spices that will punch up the flavor. 


Although pad thai is a mouth-watering dish, there are even more delicacies that Thailand has to offer. Street food is the way to go in this country, and each bite will offer up a plethora of flavors. Each dish is awash in spices, creating complex and satisfying flavors. Som tam is a must-try dish, with its combo of sour, spicy, and sweet. Whatever you pick up from the vendors, it’s sure to be a divine culinary experience.

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