Which Country Eats the Most Pork?

Which Country Eats the Most Pork?
Not China and not South Korea.

It might seem that the whole world is vegetarian sometimes. While the number of people choosing that lifestyle is growing at a steady pace, meat-eaters are still the majority. People all over the world continue to grab a chicken leg, thick steak, or slab of bacon over plant-based choices. In fact, the consumption of all kinds of meat has seen a dramatic rise since the 1970s. Meat is no longer a luxury as it once was in certain parts of the world—this is especially true of pork. Learn more about the world’s favorite type of meat and who indulges in it the most.

China’s Love Affair with Pork

The population of China continues to grow—there are over 1.4 billion people, and they love pork in all its forms. They are the world leader in pork consumption in gross tons eaten every year; however, they don’t eat the most pork per capita. The countries of the European Union eat more per capita, with Austria and Germany leading the pack. But to even contend with the magnitude of pork consumption in China, you have to lump the 28 member nations of the EU together into one category. That’s a lot of pigs to eat.

China is not able to supply the amount of pork that the citizens demand though. In fact, they can only supply about 25% of the livestock on their own. The main importer of pork to China is the United States. Due to a recent African Swine fever outbreak in China, the government had to destroy the affected animals. Fortunately for the Chinese, there has been a surplus of pork in the United States. As a result, American imports are at an all-time high—lucky for the Chinese, the U.S. is willing to share some of their stockpile of delicious meat.

Which Country Eats the Most Pork?

While Americans are in love with beef in all its delicious forms, pork is the most popular meat in the world. When put into a percentage of shares consumed per country, pork is the leader at 40.4%. Chicken comes in second at 32.4%, followed by beef at 21.8%. The following per capita consumption of pork (in pounds) by country might surprise you:

Per Capita Consumption of Pork in Pounds

Serbia – 115 lbs.

Montenegro – 102.9 lbs.

European Union – 88.9 lbs.

China – 88.1 lbs.

Taiwan – 87.1 lbs.

South Korea – 82.9 lbs.

Belarus – 78.5 lbs.

United States – 64.4 lbs.

Vietnam – 62 lbs.

Bahamas – 60.1 lbs.