3 Essential Spices to Have in Your Pantry

3 Essential Spices to Have in Your Pantry

No kitchen pantry is complete without an array of spices. You’ll get bored with your meals very quickly if you cook without spices. Without any flavoring in your food, everything starts to taste the same. No one wants to eat the same bland chicken recipe over and over again. So please, read this guide on three essential spices to have in your pantry. After all, everyone deserves a little spice in their life.


Everyone needs cinnamon in their kitchen pantry. We’re all familiar with that cinnamon kick that knocks us out of our seat on the first bite—and that’s not always ideal. However, if you use the right amount, cinnamon can provide flavor without overwhelming. Most people don’t realize there are multiple types of cinnamon on the market. Ceylon cinnamon has a softer and less intense flavor than cinnamons we’re used to. Thus, it pairs well with fruits and is a nice addition to certain sauces. Saigon cinnamon, on the other hand, has that distinctive kick most cinnamon lovers are familiar with. You can add Saigon cinnamon to your favorite meat dishes for a little extra flavor to the recipe. Since you can add different types of cinnamon to various dishes, it’s a versatile spice that belongs in your pantry.


If you haven’t cooked with paprika, you’re missing out. The spice is made from a mixture of different chilis. Most people think that because paprika is made from chili powder that it must be incredibly hot. However, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, there are lots of different kinds of paprika. So please, be careful what you choose while you’re grocery shopping. People that enjoy spicier foods should try making a paprika beef stew or steak seasoned in paprika. However, if you want something a little milder, you can always make chickpea stew and sprinkle tamer paprika in. Always have paprika in your pantry—it’s genuinely the perfect addition to any recipe.

Black Peppercorn

Black peppercorn is another essential spice to have in your pantry. You can’t call yourself a chef you don’t have salt and pepper in your pantry. Black peppercorn is a simple thing you can do to add some flavor to classic dishes. Adding black peppercorn to your favorite recipes will add spice where the flavor is lacking. Moreover, you must have a pepper grinder in your kitchen. Pepper grinders make a chef’s life so much easier. These tools allow you to add the perfect amount of pepper to any dish. If you have no other spices in your pantry, but you want to add flavor to a dish, make sure you at least have black peppercorn in your kitchen.