How Grocery Stores Can Keep Staff Safe During Coronavirus

How Grocery Stores Can Keep Staff Safe During Coronavirus

As the spread of coronavirus continues to affect the country, grocery store workers have proven to be some of society’s most valuable employees. They stand at the front lines of the pandemic, helping hundreds of customers a day get the supplies they need to practice social distancing safely at home. In response, grocery stores across the country are implementing new measures to protect their employees and everyone else who walks through their doors. Learn how grocery stores can keep staff safe during coronavirus and keep their essential business running for all of us in the weeks to come.

Increased Cleaning Routines

Every grocery store has a standard cleaning routine, and both the building and the products within undergo various daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning rituals. Since coronavirus arrived on the scene, many stores are taking even more extensive measures to keep their facilities clean and sanitary. The best way to ensure a safe and healthy environment for both your staff and customers is to take an extra hour or two at the start or end of the day to perform deeper cleaning methods. However, it’s also important to avoid overworking your staff during this time. Instead of adding on extra hours for cleaning, close the store a little earlier to give your workers enough time to thoroughly clean.

Implement Pickup and Delivery Options

Many stores are starting to limit the number of customers allowed to shop at one time. This is a great way to limit exposure and help your staff and customers maintain a healthy six-foot distance from one another. It doesn’t have to mean a decrease in sales, either. As you limit customers inside, you can promote alternative grocery shopping methods such as delivery or pickup. Work with third-party businesses to hire and organize delivery drivers. You might also set up a grocery pickup tent to create a safe and efficient way for customers to drive through and pick up their groceries.

Safety Measures

The CDC has several guidelines to help everyone protect themselves and prevent the spread of the virus. One of the best tips for how grocery stores can keep staff safe during coronavirus is to encourage and enforce these guidelines as much as possible. Place signage around your store and at your registers reminding customers to stay at least six feet apart. Provide cloth face covers and gloves for every single employee. These measures will help protect your employees as they work with and for your customers.
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