How to Get People to Order From Your Restaurant

With the Illinois order for restaurants to reduce their services to only take-out and delivery, many local restaurants are hurting for customers. With more time at home to cook and with so many people out of work, there is a shift in focus to save money. This is leading more people to cooking every meal and spending less on eating out. Local restaurants are doing a great job at encouraging people to keep supporting them through these tough economic times, but there is always more that can be done to ensure beloved restaurants don’t close down. Check out this guide for restaurant owners and workers on how to get people to order from your restaurant.

Remind your community that you’re open for business

Send out mailers, emails, and update all your social media accounts to inform your community that you’re still open through the crisis. Be sure to include any information your customers may need to properly support your business. This could be information such as new operating hours, delivery restrictions, directions for take-out orders, and more. If you’re delivering using a third-party service, be sure to note which one and if you prefer customers to use your in-house delivery service or the third-party. The community wants to see their favorite restaurants prosper and remain open once the restrictions are lifted. By providing customers with simple guidance on the best way to support your business, they will be more apt to help.

Show appreciation to those who order from you

Customer appreciation is widely important for all businesses right now and showing it is an effective way to get people to order from your restaurant. Many Americans are out of work, temporarily laid off, or have had their hours greatly reduced. When your community members spend their money, it is a well-thought-out decision meant to help support their favorite establishments. Even a small take-out order is a large compliment during these trying economic times. Show your loyal customers how much you appreciate their continued support through thanking them. For example, you could give away promotional items, send thank-you letters, and even include coupons for future orders to show your customers how much you appreciate their business.

Advertise your promotions, specials, and deals

Even if paid advertising isn’t in your budget right now, utilize the free advertising tools that you do have, such as social media and email lists. Let people know what kind of deals and specials you have going on, which may entice them into ordering and will show them they can afford to order with your deals. Try creating take-home kits and other fun activities so families have something to do together while supporting their favorite local restaurants.
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