How to Become a Better Beer Taster

How to Become a Better Beer Taster

If you’re a beer drinker, there’s a good chance you have a favorite beer. Everyone has their beer, and while some do enjoy trying a variety, others like to stick to their favorite. You might think enhancing your beer-drinking skills isn’t worth the effort, but it’s easy and can improve your drinking experience quite a bit. If you’re willing to learn, take a look at these three easy tips for improving your beer-tasting skills.

Exercise Your Nose

You may not realize this, but an important part of the beer-tasting process is smelling it. Improving your beer-tasting skills doesn’t just mean drink a variety of beer—of course, it does, but you have to pay attention to the aromas within that variety to sense the subtle and drastic differences between them.

To train your nose, you also need to experience smells outside of beer and other alcohol. You need to take notice of the smell of different foods and even the scents of nature. Much like smelling in general, connecting beer aromas to other scents in the outside world helps to make a fulfilling tasting experience.

Expand Your Horizons

Focusing on a variety of flavors isn’t the sole method for how to become a better beer taster. However, it’s obviously a key part of the experience. Don’t just focus on drinking famous beer or the best-rated beer. You should try all different kinds of beer. Sure, try out the best of the best but match those up with some interesting underrated beers or even a random obscure beer you find at the market or bar.

There are innumerable brands and varieties of beer out there, so it can be tough to know where to start. As long as you’re willing to expand your flavor horizons, you’ll learn how to appreciate and understand the subtleties among each beer.

Practice Your Skills

Regularly practice your beer-tasting skills—responsibly, of course. Match different beers with different foods or even take part in a triangle test. A triangle test is the process of tasting two different types of beer in three different glasses. It sounds odd but the reason for this is that but being unaware of which beer is which requires you to seek out the subtilties in each sip and smell.

Now, you officially have the skills to learn how to become a better beer taster. These three easy steps will teach you how to see beer in a whole new light. With these skills on your side and a six-pack on your table, you’ll be able to enhance your beer-drinking experience tenfold.
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