Tips for Training New Restaurant Employees

Tips for Training New Restaurant Employees

With the right staff, restaurants can be lucrative businesses. However, training can be problematic if using the wrong training protocol. Here are some tips for training new restaurant employees any owner or manager can use to build the best staff for your business and customers. Certain principles like guiding them through the building, introducing all technologies, and sampling the menu can help.

Teach Them the Core Values

Before diving into the bread and butter—literally—of your restaurant, you must teach new employees the core values you stand for. Every worker makes a difference in some way, shape, or form, from the kitchen staff to the host. Customers want to eat somewhere that aligns with their core values, whether this resembles home-cooked comfort or farm-to-table environmentalism. Teach your staff the core values of your business and how it affects customers. When your staff understands these fundamentals, your restaurant should prosper.

Give a Tour

Like in any business, your new hires will need a tour of the facility. Walk them through every entrance, room, and closet attached to your restaurant. Every staff member should know the inner workings of your establishment for streamlined productivity. Any staff member can address delays in the kitchen or front-of-house and provide extra support if needed. Servers should especially know each section of your restaurant to know where every table or booth is in relation to the kitchen and front of house.

Sample the Menu

One tip for training new restaurant employees is to allow them to sample the menu. A tasting menu can show them your business and create a familial atmosphere. Your employees will know the top-quality food and drink you provide for the community. Not to mention, when customers want recommendations, your servers can give truthful answers. Many times, inexperienced waitstaff lie or hide answers from customers, but a truthful answer increases customer retention. Customers see and appreciate the honest relationship between them and the servers which can increase their chances of returning to your business.

Walkthrough Tech and Tools

Lastly, instruct staff on any technology and tools implemented in your facility. For instance, every front of house staff should know how to use your POS system. Not every POS system works the same, but once your front staff understands the functionality of your system, they can ensure fast, reliable transactions every time. Even servers should know how to use these systems if using handheld devices. Otherwise, table entertainment systems, online ordering, and cashless payment processing are other technologies staff should learn for optimal performance.
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