The Best Snacks to Pack for Your Camping Trips

The Best Snacks to Pack for Your Camping Trips

Many people enjoy spending their summer days outdoors—and it’s no secret that a few of us crave retreating into the trees for a few weekends during this season, too. If you plan to camp anytime soon, remember that these memorable experiences begin with a thoughtfully packed tote of food and drink. We put together a brief list of some of the best snacks to pack for your camping trips.

Bring Some Bars

Because of their portable nature, snack bars are essential, especially when you’re spending days away from home. Plus, energy bars and granola bars contain the fuel you’ll need to embark on challenging trail runs and other strenuous activities. If you want to pack convenient snacks with you for your trip, a wide range of bars should do the trick.

Don’t Forget Dry Snacks

Of course, if you want a variety of snacks, opt for dry goods, too. Chips and pretzels won’t go bad, so they’re excellent snacks to take along with you on your journey. Other dry snack options include rice cakes, crunchy chickpeas, and kale chips. Also, if you typically crave sweet treats, remember to bring dried fruit.

Figure Out Fresh Options

Even though you’re out in nature, you shouldn’t have to rely solely on packaged food. Before you leave home, pack some easy-to-eat fruits, such as apples, bananas, and oranges. They’re healthy and refreshing, not to mention they’re excellent for a quick breakfast or dessert. We also suggest cutting up some veggies and storing them in baggies or containers. This way, you can get your greens in—even while you’re out of your kitchen.

Stick to Sticks

Stick-shaped snacks are incredibly easy to carry with you on short strolls and long hikes. For example, jerkies are a favorite amongst campers everywhere because they’re small and provide ample sustenance. You can even choose from all types of jerkies at your local grocery store—beef, buffalo, and chicken jerkies are just a few meat options. Flavored honey sticks are great, too; they give you a naturally sugary boost. If you have a sweet tooth, stick some of these in your bag. Yes, pun intended!

Mix It Up

Aptly named, trail mix is one of the most popular snacks to pack for camping trips—and rightfully so. Most varieties contain nuts and seeds, which offer protein as well as a satisfying crunch. Plus, many trail mixes include delicious candies and raisins. Trail mixes boast the perfect combination of salty and sweet, so go ahead and buy yourself a bag. You can also combine your favorite ingredients to create your own signature mix!

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