How To Improve Accessibility in Your Office

How To Improve Accessibility in Your Office

Diversity in the workplace is a broad effort that incorporates many different missions and practices, including tearing down barriers for employees with disabilities. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook accessibility when searching for ways to promote diversity. When you create a company that encourages, welcomes, and accommodates employees with disabilities, you open your business to all the benefits that diversity has to offer. These include new perspectives and ideas from a diverse team, a happier company culture, and a better reputation for your overall business and practices. Increasing company diversity is a practice that never ends, but you can start with these tips on how to improve accessibility in your office.

Go Above and Beyond

All offices should look at the ADA laws and regulations to create a workplace that is fair and accessible for all. However, ADA standards should be a starting point rather than an end goal. Once you’re ADA compliant, try looking beyond those expectations to see what else you can do to improve your business. Remember that there will always be new technology and improved best practices that you can implement in your workplace. It’s also important to consider the unique, individual needs of your team. Make sure you gather employee input and expert resources when figuring out how to continue improving. Ask for and take advantage of insight from people with disabilities who actually experience the problems in your office.

Consider All the Details

The process of improving accessibility in your office never ends. Once you start working on this issue, you’ll find that there is always more to consider and fix. There are many details that require your attention, including physical desk space, technology and software accessibility settings, and your overall office layout. No detail is too insignificant. Take the time to ask yourself—and any employees with disabilities—what you can improve in your workspace. Consider factors like how hardwood flooring benefits wheelchair users or what kind of seating you need in meeting rooms. Even one seemingly small issue can make your office difficult and frustrating to work in, so it’s important to take every consideration seriously.

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