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Most Popular Traditional Christmas Drinks
Egg Nog and what else?

Though your holiday traditions may look a little different this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can still rely on classic Christmas drinks to keep spirits high. Most popular traditional Christmas drinks contain a splash of booze, but non-alcoholic recipes exist for several of them, too. Whatever you’re drinking this season, there is no better time than winter to reap the perks of an at-home bar. If you feel like testing your mixologist skills in a festive manner, we recommend whipping up these Christmas classics.


In addition to being one of the most popular traditional Christmas drinks, it is perhaps one of the most controversial. Whether you are a fan or the thought of it horrifies you, eggnog has been a holiday staple since its conception in the 13th century.

Eggnog’s rich flavor and creamy texture give it its place among the dessert items at Christmas. A glass of this luscious drink after your holiday feast is the perfect way to end your festive day. You can whip up eggnog from scratch or opt for store-bought. Either way, this traditional drink typically includes a splash of brandy or bourbon.

Hot Buttered Rum

Cinnamon, bourbon, and butter—what’s not to love about this drink? As its name indicates, you should serve this drink warm. The recipe is easy: Just pour rum and hot water into a mug containing a mixture of the other ingredients. If you prefer whiskey, you can substitute liquors to make hot buttered whiskey.

Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Punch

This beverage may have “Thanksgiving” in its name, but its nodes of cinnamon and orange are so tasty that it deserves another month! The non-alcoholic Thanksgiving punch has a base of apple cider, sparkling blood orange juice, and sparkling grape juice to make each sip as refreshing as it is bubbly. Mixed with cinnamon sticks and topped with fresh orange and cranberry, this punch is both cozy and fresh. You can always make it a cocktail with a quick splash of white rum or tequila.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine is the superior beverage for cozying up. It is easy to make, too—all it requires is holiday spices, a dash of brandy, and a bottle of your favorite red. The spices allow the wine to pair well with nearly every Christmas dish. Whip up mulled wine on the stovetop, and your toasty family and friends will be sure to thank you after a day out in the cold.

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