How To Stay Safe in the Kitchen

How To Stay Safe in the Kitchen
Most house fires occur in the kitchen.

Cooking is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages, and there’s nothing like the feeling of eating delicious food you’ve successfully prepared with your own hands. But if done incorrectly, working in the kitchen can be shockingly dangerous. Whether you’re just starting out or a veteran chef, it’s important to know how to stay safe in the kitchen.

Wear the Appropriate Clothing

When you’re working in the kitchen, wear well-fitting clothing and avoid dangling jewelry. You’ll find your flowing sleeves that are so fashionable outside the kitchen will only be a hinderance and safety hazard in it. It’s also advisable to wear a pair of shoes while you prepare your food just in case you drop or break something.

Know How To Extinguish a Fire

Hopefully, you never have to deal with a fire in your kitchen, but it’s important to know how to handle the situation if one does break out. Keep a fire extinguisher near your kitchen, and know how to operate it. Other methods to put out a fire include dousing it with water, suffocating it with a pan, or covering it with baking soda. Never use water on a grease or electrical fire.

Keep Your Kitchen Well-Ventilated

Did you know the fumes created while you cook can actually be harmful to your health? To combat fumes, smoke, and steam, keep your kitchen well-ventilated. If you don’t have one already, install a range hood above your stove to quickly remove harmful substances from the air.

Keep Your Hands and Kitchen Surfaces Sanitized

Always wash your hands and sanitize kitchen surfaces before and after preparing food. If you neglect to do either of these things, you risk introducing harmful bacteria into the food you’re making, which could make you or others who eat your food sick. It’s especially important to wash your hands and surfaces after dealing with foods such as raw meat.

Practice Knife Safety

To avoid accidents or injury, learn the proper technique for cutting with various kinds of knives. Counterintuitively, keeping your knives sharp will also reduce the risk of an accident in the kitchen. When you aren’t using your knives, store them in a safe place out of reach of children and pets.

Now that you’ve learned how to stay safe in the kitchen, go practice these tips while creating something delicious in the kitchen. Happy cooking!

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