Tips for Making Tasty Vegan Food with Seasoning

Tips for Making Tasty Vegan Food
Seasoning for the bland dish.

Being vegan doesn’t mean eating steamed or baked veggies all day. Vegan food does not include animal products such as meat and cheese, so vegans eat and cook exclusively. with plant-based ingredients. You don’t have to be fully vegan to enjoy vegan food, though. Many people choose to eat vegan a couple of times a week for health benefits and decreased environmental impact.

Get Creative With Substitutes

Many people are aware of the various meat and dairy substitutes on the market, but getting creative with substitutes is one of the best tips for making tasty vegan food. While there are meat substitutes on the market like vegan burgers, there are also other meat substitutes including tofu, seitan, and jackfruit. Tofu is a classic meat substitute, and seitan is similar in flexibility and versatility without the soy. Seitan is often used as a substitute for chicken. Beans and mushrooms are other great meat alternatives that can work great in soups or tacos. Beans and mushrooms can also be made into tasty burgers. Lastly, jackfruit is a trendy meat substitute that is gaining popularity for its use in any dish, including barbecue. For example, jackfruit can be used as a substitute for pulled pork and tastes phenomenal when combined with barbecue sauce.

Utilize Spice and Seasoning

Although vegans eat many different foods, the common theme is that most food is plant-based. One of the most helpful tips for making tasty vegan food is to invest in high-quality spice and seasoning. It is also important to make sure the seasoning and spice are vegan, which should be indicated on the label. Using seasoning can transform a bland dish into a delicious and exciting meal, so utilizing flavor- enhancing ingredients is essential. If you are sensitive to salt or sugar, there are also plenty of options to cater to that preference.

Recreate Favorite Non-Vegan Dishes

When cooking the same rotation of meals gets boring, a fun idea is to brainstorm the dishes you enjoyed prior to becoming vegan. While some people are life-long vegans, many people made the conscious choice to become vegan later in life. Many people are not fully vegan but try to eat vegan a few times a week. For anyone that enjoys eating vegan, recreating a non-vegan dish without the meat and dairy is a great place to start. Coming up with substitutes to create your favorite dish can also be a gateway to eating vegan more often. This is also a way to get creative with your meals if you are vegan and eat plant-based every day.