Why Food Testing Is So Important

Food testing for quality and safety.

Food testing is the most important step in manufacturing because it determines the safety and quality of our food products. Testing a product helps to market a product because it has the testing to back up the claims made about the product, including taste and nutritional value. Testing is also important for the safety of all individuals, especially those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Sensory Analysis

If you are wondering why food testing is so important, think about what the most important aspect of food is. For many people, the most important thing about food is the taste, whereas it may be the texture for other people. Sensory analysis is used to objectively analyze food for taste, smell, texture, and appearance. Senses are utilized for sensory analysis, as humans conduct this test with their senses alone. Sensory analysis ensures that the product quality stays the same. Sensory analysis is beneficial because the information collected this way could not be collected by another means of analysis. Only a human can explain why they like or dislike a product, so conducting a sensory analysis is an extremely valuable way to test a food product.

Nutritional Analysis

Another reason why food testing is important is that many people expect to get nutritional value from food. The nutritional value of food must be tested and comply with specific requirements put in place by the FDA. People have every right to know exactly what they are consuming should they try that food product. Every product has a label with its nutritional facts mapped out. The components listed include calcium, calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol, total fat, trans-fat, saturated fat, dietary fiber, protein, iron, sodium, sugar, vitamin D, and potassium. The information on this label is accurate and in compliance with the FDA, so exactly what you see on this label is what you will find in the food product. This is helpful information for individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies, which is why the information on the label must be accurate.

Analytical Testing

Similarly, analytical testing is also performed to detect factors a human cannot. Analytical testing is when the food product is tested for anything harmful to humans. There are a lot of factors that go into testing a product, but analytical testing is the most important because it ensures that the food we ingest is safe. Chromatography is used in the food industry to provide accurate information about what is and is not in a specific food product. This is done with a machine that accurately analyzes all the factors that go into keeping us safe as consumers. Without analytical testing, we would have a hard time understanding what exactly is in our food.

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