How To Create a Delicious Taco Bar

How To Create a Delicious Taco Bar
Margarita, Coca-Cola or ice water with that?

We love our tacos! The taco craze is in full swing and will not be fizzling out anytime soon, and for good reason. Tacos are easy, affordable, and can be created in so many ways that anyone can eat them. A taco bar is a fun way to spice up dinner time and an easy way to feed a crowd. And there is no need to limit the taco bar to just tacos. Let these ideas on how to create a delicious taco bar get your creativity going as you consider what to include on your fiesta night.

Prepare Ahead of Time

The beauty of a taco bar is that you can make everything ahead of time and refrigerate until ready. You won’t have to warm up much the day of accept meats, beans, and tortillas. Using disposable pans, plates, and utensils for a large crowd makes for an easy clean up once you are done.

Make a list of what you want on your tacos and then consider other items that guests or family members might like to try. Include the usuals and then think outside the box.

Extra Fun Items

After getting the basics ready, don’t forget to spice it up. Hard shells, soft shells, beef, chicken, and beans are all a must have. A couple different hot sauces or salsas give guests an opportunity to choose, along with fresh cilantro and chopped onions for the street taco lovers. And don’t forget the cheese!

Now that the tacos are set, how about a couple of sides? Fresh guacamole or a guacamole station for everyone to smash up their own avocados would produce some giggles and tasty guacamole. Mexican rice also makes a nice side dish.

Tacos Make Us Thirsty

Salty, spicy goodness—your guests will need a drink. If your taco bar is set up on a table, maybe the counter or a side table can be set for drinks. Sodas and water should be available, and, of course, what are tacos without margaritas for the adults?

You could make it extra fun with a few different tequilas for guests to try along with their margarita mix. Who knew a taco bar could be this fun?

Now that you have some ideas for how to create a delicious taco bar, you can also consider a few fiesta items on your table, such as a colorful tablecloth or a pinata centerpiece.

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