Sugar Sweet Tips for Growing Your Bakery

Sugar Sweet Tips for Growing Your Bakery
Variety -- a bakery's strong point.

Bakeries are an underappreciated source of joy in our communities, especially small, independently run bakeries. The sweet smell of baking bread, fresh frosting, and that little bit of sugar on top have a way of turning your entire mood around. If you’re a baker wanting to bring even more happiness to the world, here are several tips for growing your bakery.

Diversify Your Options

Baking is equal parts art and science, and both art and science are about experimenting with new things. Every new experiment in the kitchen can open your shop to a whole host of new clients.

For example, there is now a plethora of ways to bake gluten and dairy-free food with the same delicious texture as normal baked goods. Offering these options opens the door to individuals with allergies who normally wouldn’t even be able to step foot in a bakery. Offering smaller portions and healthier options will also open the door to those who want a spot of sweetness without the guilt.

Consider Catering and Delivery

Although there are plenty of reasons to stop into a bakery on a regular basis, many people only eat a baker’s wares on special occasions such as weddings and parties. Offering to cater different events will open an excellent source of revenue and exposure for your business.

And just because someone isn’t celebrating a special occasion, that doesn’t mean they have to be left out. Offering to deliver cookie-grams or cupcake messages is another opportunity for you to put your baked goods on display. It also opens your bakery to those who want to indulge in something sweet without leaving home.

Utilize Community Resources

Your bakery is a part of your community, and your community is one of your greatest assets. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other local businesses for a partnership. They may be willing to feature your products in their shop, or you can feature their goods in your bakery. For example, if there is a local coffee shop in the area, offer to bake muffins for them to sell and offer to sell their coffee in your bakery. This creates a culture of cooperation that helps everyone.

Another idea is to seek out community events where you can sell your baked goods. For example, consider setting up a booth at farmers’ markets, craft fairs, or children’s events. This not only gives you another opportunity to make sales, but it also creates valuable exposure that is just as effective as an advertisement in the newspaper.

Be Prepare for Growing Pains

Growing your business is a definite sign of success. However, if you aren’t prepared for the new challenges that growing your bakery will bring, the growth can become your downfall. Ask yourself if you are prepared to meet the demand for more baking. Or if you are prepared to meet the sanitation standards for your equipment, even when production increases. If the answer is yes, you’re ready to make bold steps into sugar-sweet success.

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