Common Mistakes Restaurant Owners Need To Avoid

Common Mistakes Restaurant Owners Need To Avoid
New restaurateurs looking to become successful must avoid these common mistakes that could cause big problems. To discover more, read on ahead.

Starting a new business can be a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. But once all the hoopla surrounding your new company dies down, you’ll face the real challenges of ownership, especially in an industry where margins are razor-thin. According to CNBC, nearly 80 percent of restaurants close within the first five years. There are many common mistakes restaurant owners need to avoid if they hope to prevent becoming part of that statistic.

Bad Location

The right location makes all the difference in the restaurant game. It’s important to avoid opening in an area that is out of your price range. Just because a location is trendy doesn’t mean you can afford to open a store in that spot.

Failure To Train

Customer service can make all the difference in your goal of getting customers to step back through your door. But a failure to properly train the employees to be courteous or provide fast service can be devastating to your chances of garnering repeat business.

Poor Procedures

Following all local, state, and national laws and regulations is crucial to establishing a foothold in the community. A failure to avoid health code violations means you could develop a bad reputation, especially if the health inspector closes the restaurant due to a failing grade.


If something is going wrong, your customers will likely be the first to know. One of the most common mistakes restaurant owners need to avoid is not listening to their patrons. Paying attention to customer reviews allows restaurateurs to make necessary adjustments to keep their place thriving.

Bad Financial Management

Many new owners find it difficult to accept that their restaurant is more than where they sell their food. The restaurant is their employer and requires constant attention to keep the paychecks flowing. If financial management isn’t something you are comfortable performing, there are many businesses that sell their expertise.

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