How To Prepare for a Foodie Road Trip

How To Prepare for a Foodie Road Trip
Soon, the country will open up again, and you’ll have the chance to experience all the tasty treats out there. Here’s how to prepare for a foodie road trip.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to hit the highway and enjoy all the sights, sounds, and tastes the road has to offer. Until that fantasy becomes a reality, though, you can plan for your first few outings. Nothing beats a road trip where you can experience life, the great outdoors, and a wealth of new foods. Follow these tips on how to prepare for a foodie road trip for a taste-tantalizing vacation.

Make Sure Your Car Is Up for the Trip

Even if your vehicle isn’t scheduled for regular service, if you plan to take your car out for the long haul, you should get it checked. After such a historic, punishing winter, your vehicle needs to be checked for damage and wear and tear that it might not have ordinarily experienced. For example, road salt can do a real number on tires and can lead to corrosion in the car’s body. Make sure your wheels are in good shape, your fluid levels are topped off, and your engine is running smoothly. Spring for a detailed car cleaning as well!

Plan Your Itinerary

Do your research. Are you visiting a region known for a particular style of food? Perhaps you’d like to dine at a famous four-star restaurant in another city or a beloved local eatery in a small town? Are you looking to dine in, or would you rather graze at a famous food festival? You’ll find plenty of foodie and road trip sites filled with tips for good places to eat, nearby attractions, accommodations, and more.

Check the restaurant’s site for opening and closing times, whether reservations are required, suggested dress, and so on. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than pulling up to a closed restaurant with an empty belly. Also, remember that one restaurant can lead to another. Simply ask local restauranteurs for recommendations of their favorite places to eat. By planning your itinerary in advance, you could be set for a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner before you even leave your driveway.

Bring Snacks...Just in Case!

The goal of your trip is to dine well, of course, but in between meals, you might find yourself a little peckish. Snack smart by bringing munchies that fight hunger without filling you up with sugar, preservatives, or empty calories. Little bags of nuts, trail mix, carrots, celery, snap peas, and kale chips always come in handy and can be so good for you. For longer stretches—and if you have the space available—bring a cooler and turn your center console into a traveling buffet for you and your passengers. Be sure to think of packing treats and beverages that can complement later meals.


When figuring out how to prepare for a foodie road trip, try to plan for some free time. Planning every meal is smart, but you should be willing to try something new and spontaneous along the way as well. Watch for signs advertising little-known steak restaurants, roadside diners, barbecue joints, candy stores, and more! You may make a new discovery you can share with others planning similar trips. Also, take notes about where you stop on the way to your destinations—you're going to need to eat on the trip back!

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