The Best Ideas for Birthday Party Snacks

The Best Ideas for Birthday Party Snacks
Throwing a birthday party? Don’t skimp on snacks. Here are a few tips for some appetizers and munchies for birthday celebrants of all ages.

Throwing a birthday party means keeping guests entertained—and fed—throughout the course of the event. While the meal and the birthday cake get most of the attention, don’t forget that your guests will do some grazing before you bring out the main events. If you want to make this party a memorable one, you may have to do a little more than just leave out a big bowl of plain potato chips. You won’t forget this crucial step after referring to some of our best ideas for birthday party snacks.

Snacks for First Birthdays

If the guest of honor is still sitting in a high chair, you don’t really need to cater to more inchoate palates just yet. Instead, now’s your chance to play around with some more sophisticated birthday party snacks before future birthday parties mean you’ll simply be an accessory to sugar highs. Deviled eggs are almost the textbook example of party food: everyone loves them, but no one ever seems to make a plate of deviled eggs just for some idle weekend. Homemade pita chips with hummus allow you to spice up your chips and dip beyond what you can snatch off the shelves. Upgrade peanut butter and celery to raspberry walnut endives for a nuanced, mostly healthy snack.

Snacks for Kids’ Birthdays

Here’s where you’ll have to bifurcate your snacking options. For the grown-ups, you’ll want assortments of vegetables, flavorful flatbreads, and nachos that go beyond salsa and queso. For the kids, well, birthdays come but once a year, so even if you’ve been encouraging a healthy lifestyle, here’s a day to really let loose. This means you’ll be shopping for sugary treats as part of your party-planning to-do list. Younger guests will have fun with monkey bread in all its cinnamon-y, syrupy, pull-apart-able glory. “Puppy chow,” which is Chex mix dragged through chocolate and powdered sugar, should give your guests the burst of energy they’ll need to get through all the games you have scheduled.

Snacks for an Adult’s Birthday

Let’s circle back to some of the more nuanced party snacks for what’ll be a true family affair. Without the pressure to satisfy a sweet tooth that you’d feel at a kid’s party, a balanced approach is the best idea for birthday party snacks when a grown-up is the celebrant. A chili cheese dip can offer a heartier alternative to the typical salsa you’d supply for nachos. Barbecue pork sliders can hit the spot while guests wait for dinner. And finally, to please guests of all ages, some plates of cookies that transcend the usual chocolate-chip option will be a welcome and fun addition to the pre-meal munching.

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