Keeping Your Restaurant Sanitized

Keeping Your Restaurant Sanitized
Keeping Your Restaurant Sanitized

Since the pandemic, we have heard a lot about the importance of sanitation, especially in restaurants. Fortunately, restaurants have been cleaning and sanitizing their establishments for many years. Keeping your restaurant sanitized is a necessity for everyone’s health, and it’s a great way to create returning customers.


End each busy day of serving with a thorough cleansing of all surfaces. After wiping the surfaces down with warm water and soap, you should sanitize them with a mixture of bleach and water. Tabletops, seating in the dining area, and every surface in the kitchen and restrooms should be squeaky clean and disinfected.

Children’s Areas

Not all restaurants have these, but some offer a children’s activity area. If your restaurant has this special area for younger diners, you will need to pay special attention to them when cleaning. If a ball pit is available, be sure the ball pit balls are being cleaned on a regular basis. You can wipe down game machines just as you would any other surfaces.

Parents won’t be frequenting your restaurant if their children come home dirty or seem to always catch an illness soon after visiting.

Kitchen Attire

Aprons and chef’s coats are made to get dirty, as they protect your clothing while you work. However, for sanitation purposes, make sure they are laundered in hot water after every shift before you wear them again. It can be easy to forget that these items carry germs.


This should go without saying, but your customers want a clean bathroom. Beyond a bathroom that simply looks clean, make sure the area is truly clean and sanitized. After every shift, you should wipe down restrooms with a disinfecting spray, empty the trash cans, and mop the floor.

Don’t forget to clean the door handles of the restrooms, too, as they carry most of the restroom germs.

Empty Trash and Recycling

As trash begins to fill, remove it promptly and dispose of it in your outdoor garbage receptacle. In the same manner, empty recycling as needed. Recycled items also carry germs and debris. Have a regularly scheduled day when all indoor receptacles are cleaned and sanitized.

Keeping your restaurant sanitized is simple when done on a regular basis. Follow all city codes and, if possible, go above and beyond in your sanitation methods to show your customers you take their health seriously.
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