Different Methods of Making Coffee

There are probably not many coffee lovers who are fascinated with the coffee-making process, and even so, most do not know how to operate the less common types of coffee machines! Even though the tools of coffee makers can look esoteric and overly complex, the truth is that making coffee is simple. The real hard part comes in making good coffee. To help you with half of this problem, here are the five different methods of making coffee.

Pour-Over Method

The pour-over method produces coffee that most people describe as having a delicate and smooth texture likened to a juice or tea. This method uses a paper filter that fits into a dripper. This paper holds back the oils and undissolved coffee particles from the final product. The only thing to keep in mind is that you most likely can only make one cup at a time unless you have a dedicated dripper.

Coffeemaker Method

This is the method that most of us end up consuming our coffee. In essence, the coffeemaker is designed similarly to a dripper, except it allows you to make more coffee rather than just one cup.

AeroPress Method

The AeroPress method is a relatively new method that combines immersion and filtration. By doing this, you allow for a more concentrated coffee into the cup. In general, this is a faster brew method than the typical drip style coffee, and as such, it is better for those on the go.

French Press Method

Most people say that the French press method results in a full-bodied coffee that is heavier and denser than the pour-over method. This is because the French press method is an immersion brew method, meaning that the coffee grounds are fully immersed in water then strained with a metal filter. This, in turn, allows the oils and some of the undissolved coffee particles back into the cup.

Cold Brew Method

Cold brew is simple to make, as you need only to immerse the ground coffee in room temperature water for 8 to 12 hours before pouring it through a filter. The coffee made with this method is often crisp and refreshing. Many say that utilizing filtered water is the best way to experience the cold brew method.

No matter your skill level, there are always fun and different methods of making coffee. In the future, do not fear experimenting on how you are making coffee, as well as the types of grounds you use.

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