Alternatives To Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Braces

Alternatives To Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Braces
Alternatives To Foods You Should Avoid While Wearing Braces

If your child's teeth aren't straight, chances are, they need braces. Orthodontists recommend braces for aligning teeth, closing a tooth gap, and preventing overbites and underbites.

Braces improve teeth significantly, but they come with a few challenges. People often feel pain or irritation around the teeth and gums during the first few days of settling in.

Nevertheless, the most challenging adjustment children make when they get braces is finding food to eat. As a result, some known favorites are off the table, including popcorn, candy, cookies, pizza crust, and chewy meats like steak.

However, some healthy substitutions make things easier. These are the best alternatives to foods you should avoid while wearing braces.

Breath Mints

Many children have a sweet tooth, but with braces, they must forgo their usual favorites. Whether it's M&Ms, Snickers, or even just chewing gum, all of these treats damage wires and bands in the braces and lead to tooth decay. This is because sugar, when combined with saliva, creates a sticky film called plaque.

You can remove plaque when you brush your teeth, but brushing is more of a challenge with braces. When sugar cravings become unbearable, a soothing breath mint is a suitable alternative.


Finding any food to eat with braces, let alone healthy ones, is tricky. Children are known to be picky eaters, and the younger crowd routinely dismisses fruits and vegetables.

Apples are a favorite fruit to many people, but they’re too crunchy to eat with braces. On the other hand, bananas are soft and healthy.


In addition to fruit, there are obstacles to incorporating vegetables into a brace-safe diet. Carrots, celery, and cucumbers are all too crunchy.

However, if they are part of a soup, the broth softens them enough to where they are safe enough to eat with braces. Salads are a no-go with braces, but soups allow vegetables to stay in the mix. Tomato, potato, and cream of mushroom soup are also excellent choices.


Carbohydrates are essential for regulating blood sugar and giving us energy throughout the day. Unfortunately, most carb sources aren’t appropriate for meals with braces. For example, eating French bread, cereal, pizza crust, and bagels with braces is disastrous.

Pasta is one of the only sources of carbs that is soft enough to be an edible possibility. Pasta is also versatile. All it takes is adding a different sauce or spice to the same type of noodle to create a whole separate meal.

Overall, even though it’s challenging, finding food to eat with braces isn’t impossible. Finding alternatives to foods you should avoid while wearing braces is simple. Now that you know which foods are the proper substitutes, head to your local grocery store!

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