Important Tips for Storing Wine That You Didn’t Know

Important Tips for Storing Wine That You Didn’t Know
Important Tips for Storing Wine That You Didn’t Know

You may not realize it, but the way you store your wines makes a difference. Of course, you’d notice if a wine was scorching hot after leaving it in the hot trunk of a car, but otherwise, you probably don’t really know how storage affects your wine. The truth is, how and where you store your wine may not have much of an effect for just an hour or two. But improperly storing your favorite wine for days on end can suddenly make it drop down the list. So, what should you do? Follow these important tips for storing wine, and you’ll keep your wine at peak performance!

Check Out the Temperature

This is probably the most important wine storage tip we could give you. The temperature at which you store your wine has a huge effect on the wine’s flavor profile. Store and serve your wine too cold, and some of your favorite flavors may not come through; cold temps can even affect the mouthfeel. Store your wine higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and your wine will age more quickly. Hotter than that (like when you forget it in the trunk of the car), and you could end up “cooking” your wine, leaving in flat and boring.

Pay Attention to the Top

The top of your wine bottle can tell you a decent amount about how you should store the wine. Here’s your key question: Is it a cork or a screw top? If you have a cork for your stopper, that means you should store your wine horizontally so that the liquid hits the cork, preventing it from drying out. Horizontal storage isn’t as necessary for screw-top wine bottles.

Think About a Wine Cellar

Wine cellars are some of our favorite wine storage ideas. Why? Because if you’re an avid wine-drinker, then you’re already debating where to store your wine. Sure, the wine rack in the dining room works for now, but as your collection grows, so should your storage. There are actually many reasons to invest in a wine cellar. It’ll keep your home organized, keep your wine safe, and generally act as a conversation-starter! Most importantly, a wine cellar will take care of the all the pesky storage issues you may come across—temperature, humidity, lighting, and more.

Don’t Forget About the Lights

Speaking of lighting, your wine doesn’t need a lot of it, especially sunlight. Natural light creates a plethora of issues for long-term wine storage, potentially degrading and prematurely aging wine. Try to keep your wine in an area that doesn’t get a tremendously amount of sunlight, and you should be in the clear.

Hopefully, these important tips for storing wine will keep your good bottles of wine in even better condition.