The Biggest Beverage Trends for Cafés in 2021

The Biggest Beverage Trends for Cafés in 2021
The Biggest Beverage Trends for Cafés in 2021

As a café, restaurant, or culinary owner, keeping track of the latest flavor trends is essential. These trends highlight what types of flavors and recipes customers crave the most. In this blog, we’re sharing some of the most popular flavors popping up on menus everywhere. Here are the biggest beverage trends for cafés in 2021.

Fermented Teas and Health-Conscious Beverages

Over the past few years, health-boosting drinks have continued to rise in popularity for customers of all ages. Fermented teas, such as kombucha, have become one of the most popular and beloved health drinks that café customers everywhere continue to request.

While these drinks were once only available in health-conscious cafés, this year saw more and more cafés and restaurants across the world include kombucha on their menus.

Cold Brew Coffee Domination

Like health-conscious drinks, cold brew coffee is not a new trend, but it continues to be one of the most prominent beverages in demand. Cold brew’s continued popularity is primarily due to its taste.

First, this beverage has considerably lower acidity compared to standard coffee. For customers with acid reflux, this low acidity is a major advantage. Second, the brewing process for this drink also creates a smoother and sweeter coffee flavor.

With these benefits, it seems likely that cold brew will continue to dominate café orders worldwide.

Sugar and Creamer Substitutes

The days of cream and sugar coffee orders seem to be fading away. Rather than sticking to standard cream and sugar in their drinks, more customers prefer to use substitutes. As a result, almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk have become many cafés’ new in-demand creamer of choice.

For added sweetness, many customers are also choosing honey over sugar. With so many different varieties of honey to choose from, customers can add delectably sweet and floral flavors to their coffee while taking advantage of honey’s additional health benefits.

Butter Coffee

Unlike the other items on this list, butter coffee is still a steadily emerging trend. While this flavor combination may sound bizarre to some, butter coffee is beloved by many athletes and celebrities. Rather than choosing cream or sugar in their coffee, more and more customers are requesting butter instead. 

The salty and creamy characteristics of butter complement coffee well and even enhance its flavor. With the right proportions, this drink order can also be healthier compared to other coffee additives. If you haven’t already, consider offering samples of this beverage.

This year’s past trends show an interest in combining new flavors with famous drinks and switching to healthier ingredient alternatives. Review our list of biggest beverage trends for cafés in 2021 to explore which of these beverages your establishment can highlight to customers.