Old-School Marketing Ideas That Still Work Today

Old-School Marketing Ideas That Still Work Today
Old-School Marketing Ideas That Still Work Today

When starting a new business, it’s easy to forget to put any amount of focus on marketing. But that’s really where you need to put a lot of your energy so that people can find out about you and what you offer. If modern advertising techniques seem too time-consuming or expensive for you to pull off just yet, some tried-and-true methods might do you some good. That’s why this article details a few old-school marketing techniques that still work today.

Sign Spinners

While the profession of sign spinning isn’t as old as some of the other entrants on this list, it’s a subsection of the “human billboard” marketing scheme, which dates back to the early 19th century. The goal here is to grab the attention of people passing by to let them know you exist and what you’re selling. Anyone can plant a sign into the ground, but nothing catches people’s eyes like another person waving something around, especially if they’re doing it in a really cool way.

Billboards and Other Signage

If you have a bit more money and want to reach people who aren’t passing your store, traditional billboards and other large hanging signage are an excellent route to take as well. As long as you know the best strategic locations to put them in, you’ll gain a lot more attention than you otherwise would have by doing nothing.

Sales and Coupons

Nothing draws people in quite like low prices. Even if the sale isn’t that good, it still draws people in and gets them to look around, giving you the chance to talk them into buying something. Coupons work in the exact same way. You may have lured them in with a buy-one-get-one-free coupon, but they’ll likely be leaving with more than they originally intended. Also, if you think you can afford it, garner goodwill by offering something to customers for free, whether it’s a standard item or a complimentary tote bag.


Finally, this old-school marketing technique that still works today is as old as time itself: word-of-mouth marketing. Humans are naturally inclined to believe that something is good if someone they know and trust says so. Granted, companies have more recently found new ways to use word-of-mouth on a larger scale, such as online reviews and sponsorships.

However, you can still use the classic techniques for your up-and-coming business. Either you can offer customers a discount if they refer somebody to you, or you can simply encourage them to tell their family and friends after they finish checking out. At the end of the day, though, your products will speak for themselves—if the person truly loved what they got, they’ll gladly tell their friends.

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