What Are the Common Kinds of Farming Equipment?

What Are the Common Kinds of Farming Equipment?
What Are the Common Kinds of Farming Equipment?

While having a truck designated to farm life is ideal, having the proper equipment for farm-specific duties is essential. No matter what kind of farm you wish for or participate in, you need to understand machinery and the fundamental functions of each to avoid accidental injuries.


The combine is the most common kind of farming equipment used. A grain farm of any size requires this type of heavy machinery. The system is made of gears, belts, blades, and wheels and turns cereal crops into grain. Combines use three primary functions for this to happen:

  • Reaping – the cutting of the plant.
  • Threshing – separation of edible versus non-edible components.
  • Winnowing – separates light chaff from the grain.


One of the first steps to preparing your land’s soil is plowing. There are several different variations to a plow that you may need: moldboard, disc, and chisel. The main goal of the plow is turning and loosening the soil while killing off any surface-level vegetation that does not belong. The soil type on your land will dictate which specific plow attachment you need.


For a smaller piece of farm, it’s common to see mechanical or hand-seed spreaders. But a large-scale farm requires the use of a tractor-pulled seeder. The seeder’s purpose, no matter the farm’s size, is to spread seed across the land. The various devices in agricultural seeding are air, box drill, planter, and broadcast.

Fertilizer Spreaders

One of the most common kinds of farming equipment used practically anywhere is a fertilizer spreader. Just as the name implies, their goal is to distribute seed across the field. In some instances, a farm operation will utilize a spreader that operates on its own. But an even distribution of seed requires a tractor-run spreader.

The varying types of spreaders to choose from are broadcast, manure, and slurry.

Understanding the standard pieces of machinery found on farms can help you to avoid any accidents. Because of the size and stature of farming equipment, it is unfortunately common for injuries to occur. A farm injury of any kind is potentially hazardous or life-threatening and will require your immediate attention.

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