Healthy Alternatives for a Game Day Snack

Healthy Alternatives for a Game Day Snack
Healthy Alternatives for a Game Day Snack

With the NFL and CFB season quickly coming to an end, there aren’t many weekends left to have a great watch party with friends. However, it’s a new year, and it’s never too late to incorporate better eating habits into your social events. Check out this list of some healthy alternatives for a game day snack that are sure to impress and taste great!

Plant-Based Dip

On the surface, plant-based foods may appear unholy, especially in a meat city like Chicago. Thankfully, imitation meats and meat substitutes are more delicious than ever before, and they make for delectable meals.

Dips are a staple for any football Saturday/Sunday, yet they often leave guests with nasty heartburn. Buffalo chicken dip is a classic dish easily made plant-based with a few different ingredients. Use raw cashews and artichoke hearts in place of meat and stuff bell peppers with the dip for a great game-day snack.

Baked Over Fried

You can easily make many fried dishes that you enjoy healthier by switching up your cooking methods. Specifically, baking foods is the perfect way to cut down on empty calories and excess oils. Gameday classics like chicken wings taste just as great baked, and they’re less heavy, meaning you can eat a whole bunch more. Try out baked taquitos with fresh veggies and a lean cut of beef for a unique option.

Healthy Charcuterie

We all love a wooden board stocked full of excellent cheeses, savory veggies, and meat. Charcuterie boards aren’t always nutritious snacks, but there are many alternative options to include for a healthy spin.

First off, a beef jerky charcuterie board contains loads of vitamins and minerals, as jerky is a superfood. Use jerky in place of fattier meats, like prosciutto. Switch out your white bread with whole-grain variants and include pickled cucumbers over pickles (pickled cucumbers are less salted and much fresher).

When considering healthy alternatives for a game-day snack, use creativity to ensure you still include your favorite dishes. Staying healthy isn’t about losing weight but eating more positive calories. Enjoy your game day spread with friends and family!