The 4 Most Flavorful Exotic Coffee Beans to Try

The 4 Most Flavorful Exotic Coffee Beans to Try
The 4 Most Flavorful Exotic Coffee Beans to Try
Drinking coffee is many Americans’ favorite way to wake up in the morning. From the rich textures to the vivid array of flavors this drink provides, there’s no end to the possibilities it presents each day. As such, if you’re looking to experiment with your cup of joe, there are certainly thousands of different ways you can do so. These are some of the most flavorful coffee beans to try from around the globe and how each of them can enrich your morning in unique ways.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans are some of the most sought after in the coffee industry. Grown exclusively in this isolated mountain range, these beans are available in very limited quantities and fetch a higher price tag. But for particularly dedicated coffee-drinkers, the brightness, acidity, and complex, chocolaty notes are well-worth the hefty cost. Since this coffee is more refined than many standard blends, it has very little bitterness to dilute the taste. This makes for a top-notch experience in every sip.

Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee

Tanzanian Peaberry coffee is also a top contender in the coffee world. Developed from a mutation in the standard coffee plant, these beans are incredibly rare, yielding some of the most unique flavor palates, from rich, chocolaty notes to ones of wine and fruit. There’s a lot of diversity in these beans, making them a great fit for a variety of different personal tastes. However, if you truly want to appreciate this blend, there are several key things to know about Tanzanian Peaberry coffee before you drink it.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Another one of the most flavorful exotic coffee beans to try in your daily routine is the Hawaiian Kona blend. These beans grow in the north and south along the Kona coastline in Hawaii. There are very few farms with the necessary conditions to grow this coffee. Still, its well-balanced, smooth body and sweet, buttery flavor palate makes it a treat for anyone.

Nicaraguan Coffee

If you’re looking for deeper flavors of cocoa, nuts, and even fruit, consider trying Nicaraguan coffee. These beans are most known for their complex aromas and milder color. However, they’re still packed with pleasant notes, and they offer a balanced, bittersweet taste for people who want the best of both worlds.

Trying out new blends of coffee is one of the most exciting aspects of enjoying this drink. So the next time you’re in the mood for something different, don’t hesitate to get a little adventurous.