Benefits of Having a Commercial Pressure Fryer

Benefits of Having a Commercial Pressure Fryer
Benefits of Having a Commercial Pressure Fryer

There are many commercial kitchen appliances that can benefit your business, but no kitchen is big enough to fit all of them. Deciding which to prioritize and purchase can be difficult. One appliance that you should seriously consider is a commercial pressure fryer. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of having a commercial pressure fryer in your kitchen.

Quick Cook Times

You need a quick turnaround in your kitchen to please lots of hungry customers. While quick turnaround often means having sufficient staff, it also means having the right appliances. Some appliances can slow you down instead of speed you up.

A pressure fryer will do the opposite of slowing you down. Frying is a quick cooking method in general, but a pressure fryer adds about 12 psi of pressure, which makes this frying method even faster than a traditional open fryer. Your staff will appreciate its efficiency, and your customers will enjoy getting their food so quickly.

Better Taste

People love the flavor of fried food, but it can be difficult and dangerous to do it themselves, so they turn to the restaurant industry. Many businesses use the traditional open fryer to cook, and while that does provide an initially crispy product, that delicious crispiness can soon turn to unsatisfying grease.

Pressure fryers produce food that tastes even better than food cooked in an open fryer, and it won’t become greasy. Their additional pressure during the cooking process helps protect the natural flavors of the food without the need for excessive oil. By using less oil and more pressure, you can get crispy, tasty food that will never be greasy.

Financial Savings

Another benefit of a commercial pressure fryer is that it can save your business money. It uses less oil, which is an immediate saving, and the pressure means you can fry at a lower temperature. By frying at a lower temperature, the fryer releases less moisture, so your oil stays good for longer.

Many pressure fryers also come with filtration systems that will extend the life of your oil and other assets that boost kitchen productivity, such as programmable controls and automatic top-off. These assets will help save you on food and labor costs, in addition to saving you on the cost of oil.

The three main benefits of having a commercial pressure fryer are quick cooking times, better taste, and financial savings. This appliance will allow your kitchen to efficiently produce delicious food that will please your customers and keep your wallet happy. It’s an excellent investment for any restaurant.