The Essential Checklist for Every Catering Business

The Essential Checklist for Every Catering Business

Starting your own catering company allows you the flexibility and freedom to showcase your delicious cuisine creations in various places. However, when you’ve booked clients and events, it’s essential that you prepare yourself to make, transport, and display your meals. Luckily, you can find the essential checklist for every catering business below to help ensure you’ve got everything you need for success.

Table Settings for Ambiance

You’ll want to have table settings that are both attractive and practical available for various events. Having table settings lets people enjoy a sit-down meal with utensils, tablecloths, plates, bowls, and more, no matter what venue you’re serving them at.

The type of event you’re catering will help influence precisely what you need to bring. For example, you’ll want to provide a fancier presentation for extravagant weddings and more practical solutions for events like corporate picnics.

Presenting the Food

You’ll need serving trays, chafers and fuel, bus tubs, and water pitchers to serve your deliciously cooked meals and drinks to your sitting guests. Servers can smoothly distribute delicious cuisine with the proper equipment, ensuring that attendees get nourished and satisfied. Don’t forget to have extra bus tubs to clear away dishes after every serving.

Equipment for Buffets and Serving Lines

For a buffet, the layout will differ slightly from a sit-down event, and you’ll need extra equipment and supplies. For example, you’ll need additional chafing dishes and fuel cells to have all the food available and heated for several hours.

Additionally, you’ll need tongs, big spoons, toothpicks, and other serving utensils so your team or the attendees themselves can choose what they’d like. When serving premium meats such as prime rib, ham, or turkey, you’ll want a cutting board for practical and visual reasons.

Beverage and Bar Station

There are a few basic materials you’ll need to serve drinks or put up beverage stations. You’ll need to regulate the temperatures of drinks like coffee and tea, so keep this in mind when figuring out what supplies you should get. To successfully serve drinks at any temperature, you’ll need a portable bar, disposable cups, coffee and tea urns, ice, glassware, and cocktail kits.

Be Able To Deliver Your Food

You need to ensure that you can effectively transport your food to different events without losing its flavor or temperature. Investing in a temperature-controlled vehicle allows you to preserve prepared meals effectively during delivery without them becoming too cold or hot. Additionally, you’ll want to have insulated food storage containers, disposable bags, and foil pans to quickly get everything set up and broken down when you arrive.

Keep the essential checklist for every catering business in mind as you begin to invest in the equipment needed for success in this field. The more supplies you have on hand, the more events you can potentially serve food for.

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