Unique Spring Coffee Flavors for the Season

Unique Spring Coffee Flavors for the Season
Unique Spring Coffee Flavors for the Season

Caffeine fiends should prepare for spring by adding a new collection of seasonal flavors to their stay-at-home menus. Plenty of coffee lovers delight in the countless flavor combinations available during various seasons, and spring is no exception. Winter is withering away and transitioning to light jacket weather; what better way to enjoy it than by starting each day with some unique spring coffee flavors for the season?

Matcha Espresso

Expand your palate by fusing matcha tea with a shot of espresso and some milk for a deconstructed matcha latte. This herbal beverage calms the nerves with a strong combination of coffee and green tea. Though the milk helps counteract the bitterness, using pre-sweetened, café grade matcha powder is a welcome alternative for those with a sweet tooth. If you're trying to mimic a popular coffee shop version, mastering the layering of matcha, milk, and espresso becomes a fun and welcome experience for those looking to learn a new tasty recipe.

Charcoal Infused Vanilla Macchiato

The charcoal trend doesn't have to wait until Halloween; you can enjoy a sweet vanilla macchiato with a healthy spin by infusing it with a dash of activated charcoal powder at any time of year. The charcoal will not affect the flavor of your coffee, so you won’t taste a difference, but the striking black appearance of your drink is a fun contrast for those who aren't all about sunshine and rainbows. Some believe that the powder is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins and gas. You’ll want to draw your own conclusions, as most research is fairly dated, but it's worth trying for a fun change of pace.

Blackberry Cold Brew

For those who enjoy the slightly sweet but bold taste of cold brew coffee, adding mashed blackberries to the process helps infuse refreshing flavors into your morning cup of joe. If you want an even sweeter beverage, there are some good reasons to add honey to your coffee while bringing out the coffee and berry flavors in your drink. When your brew is ready, strain out the leftover berries and enjoy a sweet and fruity combination that takes your tongue on an early morning joy ride.

It's time to shed the winter coats and enjoy the prelude to summer days with these unique spring coffee flavors for the season. Exploring refreshing new recipes and flavor combinations is an experience to savor and introduce to fellow coffee drinkers. You may just find a new favorite flavor to bring back each year.

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