Must-Know Tips When It’s Time To Stock the Pantry

Must-Know Tips When It’s Time To Stock the Pantry
Must-Know Tips When It’s Time To Stock the Pantry

Many people can relate to their pantry becoming a landing pad for all things dry goods with the hopes of needing those items one day. While that’s the intent of this space, ensuring those items are suitable for your needs is essential. Not many have the time to go in and out of the pantry all day, so setting this space up appropriately can save you time and help you avoid wasting any of your budget on repeat items.

Here are a few must-know tips when it’s time to stock the pantry that may help you keep things in order.

Remember Your Favorite Meals

Keeping your favorite meals in mind when you overhaul your pantry can save you on the nights when you need comfort food or something quick. No matter what these meals consist of, make sure you have the ingredients at the ready.

For those with busy lives, ensuring you can prepare quick and easy meals will save you from eating out or skipping a meal altogether. Consider keeping a double supply of these items so when you use one, you know there will still be one on the shelf, and it’ll be a reminder to grab another soon.

Be Mindful of Organization

The organization process you use is make or break when it comes to efficiency. Consider investing in storage containers that fit cohesively and find a unique way to organize your spice containers. Storing spice containers in racks attached to the doors will leave the shelves open for bigger items.

Also, keep in mind the most-used items in the pantry and put them where they are easy to access. If you buy things in bulk, consider storing them out of your way and putting what you need in an easy-to-use dispenser or portioned container.

Throw Out the Old

Throwing out any old items is critical in creating space for new stock. This happens to everyone—as you buy new things and old stuff starts shifting to the back, you never see them again, so you continue to purchase new items. Over time, these older items become unusable and simply collect dust. To keep up with your supplies, consider spending a few hours going through the pantry and clearing out the expired items once each season.

Stock The Staples

Once you have pantry space available, you can begin organizing your staples. Everyone’s staples will look different but consider your daily, weekly, and monthly uses. Most people prefer to stock a few common items, including pasta, grain, baking supplies, coffee, tea, and spices. Remember your organization system when you gather your supplies.

Final Thoughts

After learning these must-know tips when it’s time to stock your pantry, you can add this task to the house-organizing checklist. It’s something simple that can drastically change how you navigate your kitchen. Remember to tailor your preferences to your lifestyle!

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