What Makes Mexican Hot Chocolate Different

What Makes Mexican Hot Chocolate Different
What Makes Mexican Hot Chocolate Different

Mexican hot chocolate is a delicacy made from coarsely ground cocoa, granulated sugar, and a series of warm spices. The rich history of authentic Mexican hot chocolate began in ancient Mesoamerica and has evolved into the supreme drink celebrated in Mexico today. If you’re a hot chocolate enthusiast, prepare to learn about what makes Mexican hot chocolate different than your standard cup of Swiss, and spice up your palate with this chocolate indulgence.

Series of Spices

The most distinctive quality of Mexican hot chocolate is the blend of spices used in it. Mexican hot chocolate is recognized for being spicy thanks to the use of cayenne pepper, chili powders, and generous amounts of cinnamon. Cocoa beans are ground into a malt, resulting in a rustic, aromatic flavor.

Rustic Textures

Mexican hot chocolate has a grainy or coarse texture due to the coarse cocoa grounds and sugar. The traditional form of Mexican hot chocolate also has a frothy texture made with the help of a whisking tool called a molinillo. Integrating almonds and cardamom to contribute to the texture is also common.

Table Chocolate

Packaged Mexican hot chocolate is regularly sold in log or disc shapes. The rustic formation of Mexican hot chocolate is a defining feature to people, as it’s reminiscent of how Mexican chocolate is prepared by hand in many regions.

When you experience the warmth of Mexican hot chocolate, you’ll easily understand why it has maintained its status through the generations as a spicy delicacy. If you’re exploring how to prepare your own Mexican hot chocolate, you’ll discover a variety of ways to make it to suit your palate without compromising its signature flavor. The various options of spices, types of milk, and the tools you use allow you to have that personal touch in every pour.

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