4 Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Menu

4 Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Menu
4 Tips for Designing Your Restaurant Menu

Your restaurant’s menu helps guests decide what to eat, helps further your brand, and contributes to the overall dining experience. A well-designed menu makes it easier for guests to order what they want. And it can help bring customers back for more.

But menu design isn’t as simple as listing out your dishes and beverages. Create a restaurant menu that entices guests to dive in. Follow these four tips for designing your restaurant menu.

Offer Unique Choices

When you offer unique dishes, diners don’t get overwhelmed by choosing between similar dishes. This makes the experience more pleasant and straightforward for guests, helping them take less time finding what they want. And by eliminating the burden of cooking multiple versions of redundant items, you make it easier for your kitchen staff to produce quality dishes every time.

Unique items also help you appeal to a wider range of customers. For example, updating your menu with healthier options takes advantage of the upswing in health-conscious eating. With fresh ingredients and the right methods, you can easily add healthier items to your restaurant menu.

Organize Items Into Logical Sections

Organize your menu items in logical sections, with section headers that diners can easily scan. Most guests scan the menu from the top left corner to the right, so put high-margin dishes in the top left and right corners. If you have many items that fit into alternative diets, set these apart in their own section for easy navigation.

Don’t overcrowd the menu pages. White space creates a more relaxed viewing experience by making it easier for people to read and understand the items. And white space also makes it easier for you to highlight key offerings.

Use Color

Clever use of color can help brand your menu, set the mood for the meal, and highlight items. Colors create moods, and you can use a subtle or dazzling design that brings readers further into the special space you’ve created in your restaurant.

You can highlight individual items and whole sections using colors, boxes, and illustrations. Give high-profit items a boost with eye-catching designs.

Write Delicious, Concise Descriptions

The final tip for designing your restaurant menu is to write delicious, concise descriptions. Just like with the other tips in this list, you don’t want to overwhelm diners by going overboard with this element. But a well-written description tells diners what they want to know about dishes, and it gives you the opportunity to sell them persuasively.

Diners aren’t opening your menu to read a short story. So keep descriptions concise by using words that describe texture, flavor, and techniques used to prepare the dish.

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