Unconventional Menu Items for Your Summer Cookout

Unconventional Menu Items for Your Summer Cookout
Unconventional Menu Items for Your Summer Cookout

When you dust off the grill this season, you may have visions of burgers and chicken wings dancing in your head. While those options are delicious and always welcome at a BBQ, why not add some more creative dishes to the mix? These unexpected menu items will earn places of honor at your next summer cookout.

Risotto-Stuffed Veggies

Rice at a cookout? Why not? Make a creamy risotto ahead of time with your flavorings of choice, and scoop it into hollowed-out tomatoes and peppers. The richness of the risotto will complement the fresh crunch of the veg.

Portobello Burgers

This entrée is a common choice for vegetarians, vegans, and the health-conscious among us. Even if you and your crowd are meat eaters, grill up some tasty portobello mushrooms for a burger bite you won’t forget.

Grilled Halibut

Halibut may seem like a strange seafood option for a BBQ, but its mild taste makes it a perfect grilling candidate and a blank canvas for creative sauces. Marinade your fish beforehand to give it the flavor profile you crave.

Zucchini Pie

Help your guests cut into this deep-dish pie packed with savory ingredients and healthy veggies. It’s a perfect palate cleanser after a rich meal. (Plus, you may have a friend or neighbor who has more zucchini in their yard than they can handle. Lend them a helping hand!)

Strawberry Tomato Salad

The salad bowl is a perfect place to combine unique ingredients without hours of effort. Elevate a classic savory salad by adding a few sweet bites of strawberry. Use as many fresh ingredients as you can for a true taste of summer.

At your next summer cookout, shake up the menu by adding a few unconventional dishes that tantalize your guests’ taste buds. Put your own unique twist on the classics, or brainstorm all-new dishes that are sure to become a mainstay at future barbecues.

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