Best Ways To Create Your Restaurant Wine List

Best Ways To Create Your Restaurant Wine List
Best Ways To Create Your Restaurant Wine List

Having wine available is a great way to bring in some additional income and offer exciting dining experiences to your guests. Many restaurants have separate wine lists. However, many restauranteurs don’t understand how to make an excellent and comprehensive wine list that’s better for consumers. Here are some of the best ways to create your restaurant wine list and how they can work for your business.

Organizing Your Wine List

Knowing how to correctly organize your wine list is an excellent place to start. One mistake many restaurants make is trying to organize the list by price. Price may seem like a logical organization system, but it spreads things out too much and makes finding something specific a more challenging ordeal.

One suitable method is organizing your wines by region. Focusing on French, Spanish, and American wines allows you to create main categories that you can divide into more digestible subcategories like color and richness.

Offer Food Pairings

Once you organize your wine list, it’s a good idea to tailor your selection to your main menu. For example, a dry cabernet sauvignon pairs well with red meat or poultry dishes, and it’s a good idea to let your guests know that on the wine list.

Knowing which wines pair well with the entrees on your menu is a good way to create your restaurant’s wine list. When you know a tempranillo pairs best with Italian and Spanish cuisine, you may not need it on your wine list if your establishment doesn’t serve those foods.

Providing a meal suggestion with each wine is also a good way to upsell wine in your restaurant, as informed customers are more likely to make an informed recommendation.

Offer Something for Everyone

Indeed, you shouldn’t organize your wine list by price, but we recommend keeping a wide range of prices in every category. Not every guest in your establishment can afford the most expensive Chablis in the cellar, but every section should have one affordable wine option for the everyday customer.