Equipment You’ll Need for Your New Steakhouse

Equipment You’ll Need for Your New Steakhouse
Equipment You’ll Need for Your New Steakhouse

Opening any new restaurant can be stressful. Careful planning will obviously alleviate a bit of this anxiety, but it’s hard to do that entirely on your own. That’s why you look towards blogs like this one for help. Since most tend to focus on restaurants in general, we wanted to bring specific attention to the kitchen equipment that steakhouses need before they open to the public.

Broilers and Char Grills

Anybody can use a standard oven for cooking their meat, but if you want your steaks to come out perfectly, you’ll need broilers and char grills. Broilers are best for holding in the meat’s juices, while char grills are perfect for searing meat quickly. Both work in similar fashions, so you can choose one over the other for your steakhouse. Getting one of each would be best so that you can utilize the perks of both.

Deep Fryers

Even though the main focus of your restaurant will be steaks, we’re sure you’ll have other items on your menu. Food such as chicken, shrimp, onion rings, and of course, french fries are all going to be items that benefit from a deep frier. Depending on how you want to serve your steak, you could also use a deep fryer for your main courses. While some people might not like how unhealthy fried foods are, there’s no denying this machine’s versatility.

Slicers and Quality Knives

Whether you plan on serving thinly sliced meat or thick slabs, automatic slicers will save you and your kitchen staff a lot of time and effort. This will, in turn, shorten the time it takes for your customers to get their food, making them happier overall. However, you can’t run an efficient kitchen without a complete set of knives. Make sure they’re high-quality. We’re confident that if you provide any less than that, your cooks won’t be too happy about their tools.

Bench Scales

Weighing out food portions is essential in all restaurants, but when a majority of your meals are served based on their weight, an accurate bench scale becomes a necessity. Certain scale features are must-haves, but as long as yours produces consistent results for years, you’ll be all set!

Food Prep Counters

Finally, you’ll need a place to set up all of your food and smaller pieces of equipment while working. That’s why the last thing you’ll need for your new steakhouse is plenty of food prep counters. Stainless steel countertops are the best choice to avoid long-term corrosion. Plus, they are easy to clean and disinfect. If you need a rougher surface for general chopping, cutting boards will do the trick. As long as you give your cooks enough space to work, you should have nothing to worry about.