Food Plating and Presentation Tips for Your Restaurant

Food Plating and Presentation Tips for Your Restaurant
Food Plating and Presentation Tips for Your Restaurant

The way you plate certain food dishes could make or break the success of that entrée at your restaurant. Work on your presentation techniques so you can pull in more guests and show them your business’s ability to make sophisticated, classical dishes. Do not stop at crafting a perfect catering menu. Take it a step further by perfecting how you plate the food.

Juxtapose Textures

Play around with different types of textures you can add to the plates. Sauces, garnishes, and protein are all food items you can play around with to juxtapose textures on the dinnerware. This keeps the eyes moving across the dish and makes for an elegant design.

Use Contrasting Colors

You never want your dishes to appear plain or boring; one way to make an entrée pop is to add various colors. Use colors that complement each other, like orange and blue, to tie the different pieces of the dish together.

Make Everything Edible

To keep confusion to a minimum, ensure everything on the dish is edible, even the garnishes. In most cases, guests do not want to guess what they can and cannot eat on their plates. Avoid this altogether and only use edible garnishes and design elements.

Select Plates Carefully

Not only does the way you present and plate the food matter, but the type of dinnerware your restaurant uses does too. Do you want all plain white plates, or will they have intricate designs? Think about the brand and theme you are trying to portray with your business and go from there.

When in Doubt, Keep It Simple

There is such a thing as overdoing it when it comes to designing your food presentation. Keep it simple if you happen to be overthinking or doubting if the dish will be presentable. In some instances, less is more, and a plate does not have to have multiple design elements for it to find success in your restaurant.

Take careful consideration when you’re creating your dishes. Adding style to your entrées creates an elegant and unique experience for customers. If you are not having success with specific dishes, consider changing up the way you present that food on the plate.