Good Alternatives to Opening a Food Truck

Good Alternatives to Opening a Food Truck
Good Alternatives to Opening a Food Truck

Food trucks have drastically risen in popularity in recent years, and they’re an excellent opportunity for restauranteurs to start a business at a lower cost than in a traditional retail space. However, food trucks are still a large investment and come with their own challenges, including parking, high gas prices, and routine maintenance. Plus, some areas do not allow food trucks to operate. Thankfully, there are some good alternatives to opening a food truck that aspiring restauranteurs may want to consider investigating.

Food Carts

Unlike a full truck, food carts are easy to transport, typically require far less maintenance, and allow you to be mobile. Food carts generally operate with easy-to-cook or pre-prepared foods like hot dogs, ice cream, or tacos. Of course, many of these carts have the potential for customization, and business owners can expand to more complex foods. One major advantage of starting your business with a food cart is that carts typically require far less licensing than trucks or retail locations for preparing and selling food.

Shipping Container Restaurants

Instead of investing in a retail space at a strip mall or individual location, shipping container restaurants are becoming a popular alternative to opening a food truck. Pop-up restaurants in shipping containers are affordable and customizable and still offer the potential for mobility if owners ever need to find a new location. When converting a shipping container into a restaurant, it’s a good idea to consider focusing on food that works just as well on the go as it does with a proper seating area.

Concession Trailers

Concession trailers are a good compromise between the shipping container and food cart models. These large trailers are easy to convert into a working kitchen and offer far more space than you would have with a food cart. The cost is still substantially lower than a proper food truck, though you will need a vehicle capable of transporting the trailer. You’ll also have to make sure you find a good parking space with plenty of foot traffic to set up the business.