How To Protect Your Restaurant Patio During a Storm

How To Protect Your Restaurant Patio During a Storm

Do you have outdoor seating available at your restaurant? When rain and storms are inevitable, you must learn how to protect the patio and the furniture from damages caused by the weather. Ignoring the issue could cost your business a lot of money in repairing damages between storms. Stop catastrophes in their tracks and prepare your business for bad weather as best as you can.

Add a Roof and Sides

The number one protection you can have over your outdoor dining space is a roof and some siding to thwart wind and flying debris while stopping the rain from pouring in from the top. Add a metal roof or pergola over your patio space to prevent rain or hail from falling into the dining area during a storm. Consider adding collapsible siding to enclose the area during severe weather to protect it further.

Use Only Weather-Proof Materials Outside

When designing your restaurant’s patio, choose weather-proof materials to protect the longevity of your furnishings. If you are in an area that consistently sees storms and rainy weather, it is wise to invest in higher-quality, weather-proof furniture. This ensures that if the rain reaches your patio through the roof and sides, the items inside will still be protected because they are weather-proof.

Cover Furniture or Buy More Durable Dining Sets

Bringing your patio furniture in and out every time there is a storm can become tedious, and you probably don’t have the room in the restaurant to store the tables and chairs until the storm subsides. If you’re on a tighter budget and the dining sets are not as durable, consider shrink-wrapping your patio furniture to keep water and wind from ruining the chairs. Otherwise, opt to buy durable furnishings that can last through many storms.

To save your restaurant some money, consider making these changes to your outdoor dining space to protect your property better. Check in with your local weather stations before the next work day so you can prepare staff members for how to go about protecting the patio furniture and items outside. This ensures the longevity of using your furnishings and keeps your patio in pristine condition.