Three Tools That Every Chef Needs

Three Tools That Every Chef Needs

When you’re learning to cook, you’ll quickly find you require a solid collection of kitchen instruments that will serve you reliably as you make a variety of dishes. You may use a few utensils for one recipe only to find that another recipe requires different appliances. Here are some tools that every chef needs in their arsenal.

Kitchen Scissors

A lot of us have stared down at a package and then sighed as we realized we needed to run to the office to grab a pair of scissors. Afterwards, we quickly wash and dry them because we don’t want leftover sauce smearing on our office papers. You can circumvent this annoyance by getting a pair of kitchen scissors reserved for your cooking endeavors. They’re not limited to opening packaging, either: you can also use them to cleanly cut vegetables and pieces of meat.


All too often, you find that a spoon or spatula just isn’t enough as your noodles keep sliding away or your chicken refuses to flip without splattering everything within a ten-foot radius. When you’re faced with such dilemmas, tongs are irreplaceable. They allow you to pick up food deftly and make every movement with more intention and skill. You’re no longer forced to make a choice between burning your fingers or clumsily trying to push your food the way you want it to go. When you’ve finished cooking, your tongs can also double as serving utensils.

Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife is often the tool cooks hold in utmost esteem among its kitchen peers. This is because a good knife will glide through your ingredients and produce just the right cuts you’re aiming for. It also makes prep time a breeze. However, a low-end knife can make a simple slice a dangerous and muscle-fatiguing chore. As you select your chef’s knife, take note of what its design. If you have the option, hold it in your hand so that you can to get a feel for it. Consider investing in a Japanese-style knife, as chefs generally agree that they offer the best performance and quality.

6 Countries with the Best Food

What is considered great food is the most subjective thing on the planet. Everyone has different tastes and different ideas about what’s a delicacy and what’s plain weird. Every country has its own signature cuisine and food style. Even different regions within one country has different ideas about food. Think about the U.S. regions—the Northeast versus the Southeast and the Southwest. Each of those three regions of one country has different and distinct food styles. Even picking just five countries out of all the nations of the world and declaring their food the best would be a monumental task—and any such list would be met with debate. So, instead of calling this list the countries with the best food, let’s call it the countries with really good food.


Thailand continues to make its mark on the international food scene, and it’s one of the great foodie destinations. They have sweet pork barbecue, sour noodle soup, and mountains of spices and tropical flavors to dazzle the taste buds. Sandy beaches and warm waters are cited as the best reasons to visit, but really, it’s the food.


This tiny Central American country remains under the radar in foodie circles, but it won’t for long. With hundreds of islands and hundreds of miles of shoreline and beaches, Panama is a seafood-lover’s mecca. Venture to the interior of the country and feast on traditional dishes comprised of beef, pork, and root vegetables along with coconut and tropical fruits.


Italy’s place in the food hall of fame goes without question. Where would the world be without their contributions to the food scene? Modern Italians make the same simple foods that their ancestors made centuries ago, and they still do it with flair. There’s nothing like taking a food tour of all the regions of Italy.

United States

Only in the U.S. can you sample all the foods of the world in one place. The U.S. is a melting pot of cultures and food traditions, to say the least, and many people will argue the country has no food traditions of its own. They are wrong. Southern soul food and barbecue are distinctly American. Hamburgers, pizza, and sandwiches may have origins in other countries, but the U.S. has made them their own.


The Mediterranean diet is considered the healthiest in the world. A combination of olive oil, seafood, and vegetables keep this country at the top of the food world. The country’s position between Africa, Asia, and Europe has allowed the Greeks to adopt foods and recipes from a variety of ancient cultures. Greece is truly a wonderous place to spend a week eating.


China is enormous, both in land mass and population. With so many people and so much space, there are many food choices and styles throughout the regions. Chinese food is an all-encompassing term that explains nothing. In every corner of the country, you’ll find thick stews, steamed fish, street dumplings, and odd delicacies.
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