Tips for Grocery Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips for Grocery Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus is affecting thousands of people every day—kids are home from school, families are stuck inside, and grocery stores and hospitals are some of the only things open. For people with any sort of disability or anyone who’s immunocompromised, this time is especially stressful and scary. If that’s you, take a look at these tips for grocery shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Figure Out Parking

Before you head to the grocery store, you need to do some reading up to see what precautions the store is taking. See if there are special hours for the elderly and those with disabilities, as that will make parking and the whole shopping process much easier. You should also read up on how the coronavirus is affecting disabled permit parking holders, as this will help you figure out where you can park and provide some other important tips for driving and parking during this time.

Organize Your Shopping List

Another thing that you need to do before you head to the store is to organize your shopping list. Do not walk into the store without a list that has only the items that you need. You don’t need massive amounts of toilet paper or multiples of everything. In fact, more stores are placing quantity limits on the items you purchase. We’d also recommend steering clear of items that have a WIC sticker on them, as those are the only items that people who use WIC can use to feed their children.

Wear a Mask and Bring Gloves

At first, it didn’t seem like it was a big deal to just go to the grocery store regularly. Now, it’s important to keep your nose and mouth covered with some sort of mask and to wear gloves or bring lots of hand sanitizer with you.

Avoid Passing People When You Can

The six-foot distance is a guideline that will seem quite hard to follow if you’re in a crowded grocery store. Most are putting rules in place allowing only 100 or so people in the store at a time, and some even have tape on the floors to indicate six-foot distances. In addition to these precautions, avoid passing people when you can. Make a loop around to a different aisle if the one you need is full—the wider berth you can give, the better.

If You’re Concerned, Ask for Help

Lastly, if you’re concerned about going shopping on your own, reach out for help. Ask a neighbor, call a family member, or order your groceries for delivery. Though this time is scary, people are coming together now more than ever to help one another. Ask for help when you need it.

How to Get People to Order From Your Restaurant

With the Illinois order for restaurants to reduce their services to only take-out and delivery, many local restaurants are hurting for customers. With more time at home to cook and with so many people out of work, there is a shift in focus to save money. This is leading more people to cooking every meal and spending less on eating out. Local restaurants are doing a great job at encouraging people to keep supporting them through these tough economic times, but there is always more that can be done to ensure beloved restaurants don’t close down. Check out this guide for restaurant owners and workers on how to get people to order from your restaurant.

Remind your community that you’re open for business

Send out mailers, emails, and update all your social media accounts to inform your community that you’re still open through the crisis. Be sure to include any information your customers may need to properly support your business. This could be information such as new operating hours, delivery restrictions, directions for take-out orders, and more. If you’re delivering using a third-party service, be sure to note which one and if you prefer customers to use your in-house delivery service or the third-party. The community wants to see their favorite restaurants prosper and remain open once the restrictions are lifted. By providing customers with simple guidance on the best way to support your business, they will be more apt to help.

Show appreciation to those who order from you

Customer appreciation is widely important for all businesses right now and showing it is an effective way to get people to order from your restaurant. Many Americans are out of work, temporarily laid off, or have had their hours greatly reduced. When your community members spend their money, it is a well-thought-out decision meant to help support their favorite establishments. Even a small take-out order is a large compliment during these trying economic times. Show your loyal customers how much you appreciate their continued support through thanking them. For example, you could give away promotional items, send thank-you letters, and even include coupons for future orders to show your customers how much you appreciate their business.

Advertise your promotions, specials, and deals

Even if paid advertising isn’t in your budget right now, utilize the free advertising tools that you do have, such as social media and email lists. Let people know what kind of deals and specials you have going on, which may entice them into ordering and will show them they can afford to order with your deals. Try creating take-home kits and other fun activities so families have something to do together while supporting their favorite local restaurants.

How Grocery Stores Can Keep Staff Safe During Coronavirus

How Grocery Stores Can Keep Staff Safe During Coronavirus

As the spread of coronavirus continues to affect the country, grocery store workers have proven to be some of society’s most valuable employees. They stand at the front lines of the pandemic, helping hundreds of customers a day get the supplies they need to practice social distancing safely at home. In response, grocery stores across the country are implementing new measures to protect their employees and everyone else who walks through their doors. Learn how grocery stores can keep staff safe during coronavirus and keep their essential business running for all of us in the weeks to come.

Healthy Soda and Energy Drink Substitutes

Healthy Soda and Energy Drink Substitutes

Like chocolate and coffee, Americans also consume soda and energy drinks on a daily basis. For some people, it’s an integral part of their daily routine. However, if you’re looking for healthy soda and energy drink substitutes to improve your diet, you can find a few easily accessible alternatives at your local grocery store.

4 Ways to Expand Your Restaurant Menu

4 Ways to Expand Your Restaurant Menu

Restaurants need to put a lot of thought into how they expand their menus. While there is the risk of losing money if new items don’t sell, you may include a new crowd-pleaser that makes it all worth it. For this reason, there are a couple of smart ways to expand your restaurant menu that you should consider. While you may be operating your business differently than usual, customers will still be appreciative of your wide selection both during and after this unique time.

Give Surveys and Taste Tests

The public determines whether your expanded menu flops or finds a foothold. So, who better to ask about your new menu options than your potential customers? Consider first surveying loyal customers as well as customers you’d like to acquire. This way, you can determine if your changes would alienate current customers while assessing new items’ potential for attracting customers and growing your business.

Once you’ve determined that there’s hypothetical interest in a new entrée, make small batches and host a taste test. If you invite third-party diners, you can secure an impartial assessment of your food. This way, you actually know if people will like your new dishes.

Add New Equipment

Another way to expand your restaurant menu is to buy equipment that allows you to broaden your possibilities. For example, you can buy commercial juicing machines to make fresh-pressed beverages that appeal to health-conscious guests. While there are some common juicing mistakes you should avoid, these pieces vary your beverage offerings effectively and boost restaurants’ bottom lines.

Count the Cost

When it comes down to it, adding new menu items is a matter of determining if the cost of additional ingredients is worth the possibility of more sales. Sit down and budget out these costs and decide whether a profit on these items is feasible.

Don’t Be Redundant

One final note—don’t add redundant dishes to your menu. If your burgers, for example, don’t have distinct ingredients that set each apart, you may not want to add more to the mix. You always want to have a diverse menu, and avoiding packing it with similar items keeps this from happening. Also, it’s better to invest your efforts into creating innovative entrées rather than wasting this time on boring additions.
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