How To Pick a Good Bottle of Wine

How To Pick a Good Bottle of Wine
Know your styles of wine.

Selecting from the wide variety of available wines can be stressful, especially if you’re unsure of what to look for. What type should you buy? Red or white? Is this one too strong—or is it too weak? Would it be good for a party? If you’re feeling lost, here are some useful tips on how to pick a good bottle of wine.

Ways To Be Self-Sufficient in the Kitchen

Ways To Be Self-Sufficient in the Kitchen

The kitchen offers some of the most rewarding ways to spend less money at the grocery store while adding home-grown touches to your home-cooked meals. Building your independence when it comes to gathering ingredients can also lower your carbon footprint as you make fewer trips to the store and spend less money on produce from businesses with high carbon footprints. Learn the ways to be self-sufficient in the kitchen to create a healthier life for you, your family, or even your restaurant.

The Best Pumpkin Spice Products

As fall gets closer, more and more fall-flavored items make their way into stores and restaurants. Don’t you want to get out and try some of these favorite fall treats? Below are all the best pumpkin spice products that you can try to start enjoying the fall season.

The Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks

The Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Travel is often perceived as a time when all healthy habits disappear. Vacationing can easily be a time where we step away from our healthy routines by ditching our diets. However, some vacations—such as road trips—can actually be great for our health. Road trips allow you to pack your own food, so instead of stopping at the unhealthy fast food options you pass on the highway, you can pack a snack bag with some these best healthy road trip snacks.   

Cheese Sticks  

Cheese sticks are childhood favorites that are perfect to resurrect during a road trip. Cheese sticks provide healthy fats and protein to quickly calm hunger. They also come in individual packaging, which makes them perfect for a road trip, as you can easily bring them on adventures in your backpack or store them in a car cooler.  


Finding fresh fruit on a road trip isn’t an easy task. Pack a few apples or some apple slices to get your needed fruit intake. Whole apples will stay fresh for longer periods, but cutting your apples into slices makes them much easier to eat on the road.   

Beef Jerky  

Beef jerky is the perfect source of protein for a road trip. Like cheeses sticks, jerky can be packaged in individual sticks or in small bags for easy portability, and it’s also a great source of hunger-stopping protein. However, the jerky you find at a rest stop or gas station isn’t necessarily a healthy option. Look for natural jerky from a local grocer to steer clear of the added preservatives and sodium you’ll find in gas station brands.   

Carrot Sticks  

Boredom-eating on the road is a common habit. It’s often seen as something we should avoid at all costs, but if you ditch the chips for carrot sticks, you should be in the clear. Snack on carrots, and bring some hummus along for an extra source of vitamin B.   


Nuts are another one of the best healthy road trip snacks that can combat unhealthy boredom-eating. Nuts can come with a light seasoning to mimic the taste of unhealthy seasoned chips. They’re also great sources of healthy fat, fiber, and protein for when hunger strikes.   

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