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1412 E Algonquin Rd
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Great prices at Aldi Foods, but be prepared, you must pay with cash or debit card.

Did you know Aldi is owned by the same company that owns Trader Joe's? Well not exactly. Two distinct companies ... Aldi Nord runs Trader Joe's, but Aldi Süd runs Aldi Foods in the United States.

Aldi is short for Albrecht Diskont. Theo Albrecht Jr. and his brother, Berthold, inherited German discount supermarket chain Aldi Nord and Trader Joe's in 2010 when their father, Theo Albrecht, died. Two years later Berthold died at the age of 58, leaving his stake to his wife, Babette and five children. The two chains have more than 5,300 stores in nine European countries and the U.S. and pulled in estimated revenues of $38 billion

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd have been financially and legally separate since 1966, although both divisions' names may appear (as if they were a single enterprise) including certain house brands. The formal business name is ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Compagnie, oHG.

Theo Sr. and his brother Karl built up their mother's grocery store into a large German chain but split ownership in 1961. Theo Sr. got the northern German stores and the rest of Europe (Aldi Nord); Karl took the stores in southern Germany (Aldi Süd) and the rights to open stores in the U.S., the UK and Australia. Theo Sr. bought Trader Joe's in 1971.

Notice that Theo Albrecht, of Aldi Nord, bought Trader Joe's in 1979; but Aldi Süd has the rights to open stores in the U.S.