5 of the Biggest Celebrity Chefs in the World

We love to watch them dash back and forth in the kitchen and create amazing food fusion. But celebrity chefs do more than serve up our favorite dishes—they entertain us with their antics, wit, and larger than life personalities.

Gordon Ramsey


The hot-tempered, foulmouthed Scot has made a name for himself with his Michelin starred restaurants and fiery behavior on his hit TV shows. Ramsey began making a name for himself when working for his mentor and fellow hot-head, Joel Robuchon. Since, he has forged his own cooking empire and now teaches people how to cook, saves failing restaurants, and runs his own businesses.

Rachel Ray


Ray started off teaching people to cook 30-minute meals at a specialty foods store in New York. That led to a weekly spot on a local news broadcast, which led to her first cookbook, 30-Minute Meals by Rachael Ray, and then her first Food Network contract in 2001. She is now a dominant figure in the food industry and has her own magazine, day time talk show, and several programs on Food Network.

Wolfgang Puck


Young Wolfgang learned to cook from his mother who was a pastry chef in Austria. When he turned 24, Puck moved to the United States and opened his first restaurant, Spago, in Los Angeles. He pioneered the concept of using quality ingredients that complement each other in odd ways. Coined the first celebrity chef, he now has a multi-million-dollar catering company, Wolfgang Puck Express restaurants, and dozens of restaurants around the world.

Emeril Lagasse


Working in a Portuguese bakery, Emeril discovered his talent at an early age. Over time, he began to master his skills and became passionate about Creole and Cajun cooking. This led him to open his first restaurant, Emeril, in New Orleans. Along with this, he was also the original host of How to Boil Water on Food Network, making him a household. With catchphrases like, “kick it up a notch,” “BAM!,” and “Feel the love,” his huge personality has made him a food superstar.

Giada De Laurentiis


Born in Rome and educated in the United States, Giada decided she didn’t want to join the family business of acting. She instead attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris with dreams of becoming a pastry chef. When she came back to the U.S., she worked at Spago under Wolfgang Puck. This mentorship would open the doors to many future opportunities. In 2002, Food Network contacted Giada about developing her own show—Everyday Italian premiered in 2003. She has since turned this into more television shows, two restaurants, and a line of cooking utensils.