Multinational Food Companies Getting Brazil Hooked on Junk Food

Thousands of door-to-door vendors for Nestlé reach a quarter-million households in Brazil.

Public health experts new methods of global food production, distribution and advertising is contributing to a new epidemic of diabetes and heart disease, chronic illnesses in areas that previously were afflicted with hunger and malnutrition a generation ago.

"What we have is a war between two food systems, a traditional diet of real food once produced by the farmers around you and the producers of ultra-processed food designed to be over-consumed and which in some cases are addictive." 
-- Carlos A. Monteiro, a professor of nutrition and public health at the University of São Paulo.


Mane Event and Taste of Arlington Heights Friday and Saturday August 4-5, 2017 Great Food Downtown Arlington Heights

One of the best highlights of Arlington Heights is its fine restaurants, and August is especially excellent because it is the time of the annual Taste of Arlington Heights block party in downtown Arlington Heights [Businesses Register Here].

Mane Event, Taste of Arlington Heights, August 4-5, 2017 in Downtown

Take it to the streets on Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5, 2017 for the Mane Event on Friday followed by the Taste of Arlington Heights on Saturday. The bookend events both occur at Vail and Campbell in Downtown, and they combine to make one of the biggest weekend celebrations of the summer!

This block-party styled weekend is a crescendo to the summer and both events are ripe for celebration with live music from favorite local bands, wonderful food from local restaurants with a variety of cuisines, a business expo at the Mane Event, and children's entertainment.

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